How Long do Integrated LED Lights Last? Full Answer [2023]

LED lights changed the world completely and we cannot deny that it’s pretty impossible to imagine today’s world without LED lighting. 

With the improvement of LED lighting, integrated LED lights have also appeared on the market, but how long do integrated LED lights last actually? One thing is for sure, we really love integrated LED lights.

How long do integrated led lights last?

If you’re curious about how long do integrated LED lights last precisely (in numbers), we can inform you that with some optimal use without any savings, they can last up to 50,000 hours.

Integrated LED lights have a long lifespan and if you are looking for lights that will last for a long time, this is the right choice for you and your home. Given that the production of lighting fixtures has advanced greatly to date, it is no longer a luxury to look for an item that is visually stunning and will provide you with adequate lighting without worrying that you’ll need to replace it any time soon.

Not only do they last longer than incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs, but they also last longer than screw-in LED bulbs. That’s pretty cool. These lights are extremely energy-efficient, even more than ordinary LED bulbs.

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Can an integrated LED light bulb be replaced?

An integrated LED light can be replaced, except that it will not be a process that we are used to and which we use when changing an ordinary light bulb.

The way they are installed does not allow for easy replacement, but it is certainly possible. It would be best to hire experts for this job, but don’t let that deter you from buying integrated LED lights because they have a super long life and consume an extremely small amount of energy, so it is very worthwhile to install them anyway.

The integrated LED bulbs are built into multiple circuit boards and this is why the replacement is not easily feasible. Unfortunately, the entire lighting fixture must be taken off and replaced, therefore we can say that this is the only negative side to it. 

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Are integrated LED lights any good?

Integrated LED lights are a great option for anyone.

They consume less energy than any other bulbs out there and they are visually stunning. They are environmentally friendly and they are low maintenance.

Their lifespan is very long-lasting and you should not worry about the more difficult replacement since every other benefit compensates for it. Integrated LED lights are a beautiful addition to any home and although they are on the bit pricier side, over the years they won’t cost you more than traditional lighting. This is a high-quality product.

What to do when integrated LED burns out?

When an integrated LED burns out you need to replace the whole lighting fixture.

Let the professionals do that for you since that’s not an easy task for casual people. Some would say it’s frustrating, but on the other hand, it’s also very convenient that you don’t need to worry about purchasing and fitting multiple parts.


In conclusion, LED lights offer advantages like a long lifespan, energy savings, and more controllable light than other light sources. In fact, the average life of the light is around almost 8 years!

However, if you’re not up to changing the entire fitting in case one of the bulbs blows, that is totally understandable.

Keep in mind that the chances of that happening are very small. Now you finally know how long do integrated LED lights last. Every home will benefit on a visual level from such a beautiful addition.

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