8 Best PC Desk Lamps For Homes and Offices [2023]

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Using a personal computer (PC) is our daily activity, whether it is morning, during the day, or evening. If you work or use the computer in the evening, it would be ideal to have a desk lamp to minimize eye fatigue.

We all know how tired our eyes can be if we look at a bright screen while it is dark around us. Fortunately, this effect can be easily avoided by having a desk lamp.

Desk lamps help you by reducing the contrast between the dark environment and the brightness of the screen by providing ambient light around the monitor. This way you take care of your eyes and create a more natural environment for both work and leisure.

That is why we have reviewed the best PC desk lamps on the internet, of course taking into account the relevant criteria. Keep reading.

Lamp selection criteria

Of course, we did not make a list of the best PC desk lamps at random, but we initially determined the criteria that are most important and characterize the best PC desk lamps.


As the name suggests – desk lamps are intended primarily for the desk. If there is already a monitor on the table, we can assume that there may be other things like speakers, keyboards, mouse, etc.

Therefore, we chose lamps that do not take up much space and are practical to use on the desktop.


PC lamps should be of good quality. This means they need to have a sufficient number of lumens (that define the intensity of brightness), use fewer watts (be eco-friendly) and have a good color temperature (be pleasant to the eye).

The combination of all these characteristics works to reduce eye fatigue and make it as natural as possible.


No one likes a lamp that can’t be further adjusted. The environments in which the lamps are used can be very different. Someone has a bigger, someone a smaller desk, someone a wider, someone a narrower space. You understand what I mean.

That is why it is necessary to have a lamp that is flexible and that can be arbitrarily placed and adjusted in a way that suits us perfectly.

Different types

The last thing we paid attention to when choosing was to include different subtypes of desk lamps. The reason is similar to the previous one. The purposes are different, so some people will prefer ordinary lamps that have a base, while others will prefer lamps with a clamp.

Also, someone likes horizontal lamps above the monitor, while someone wants to have a side light.

In our reviews, we often mention features such as color temperature, lumens, and watts because they define the basic properties of lighting. We recommend to check them out.

Color temperature guideWhat are lumensWattage guide

Whatever type you are, this article certainly has at least one ideal lamp for you.

Best PC desk lamps

Swing arm LED desk lamp with a clamp

Swing arm LED desk lamp with a clamp
Power consumptionDimensionsColor temperature
14 W16.2 x 5 x 2.5 inches3000-6000 K
✔️ 3 color modes and stepless dimming
✔️ Extremely flexible and easy to install
✔️ Has a memory function
➖ The light and USB adapter can get hot

We start our list of best PC desk lamps with a very practical, simple and extremely flexible lamp.

This lamp with a clamp is black and made of metal. 3 different color modes (3000, 4500, 6000 K) and 10 brightness levels are more than enough to adapt to your own needs. It will save you space and make PC use very enjoyable during the evening. Just attach it to the edge of the table and adjust as desired.

The lamp has a memory function which means it remembers the preset settings if you turn it off. That way you don’t have to constantly adjust the settings manually. It is suitable for the eyes and looks very nice, which means that it will fit almost any table and interior.

The disadvantage of this lamp is that after prolonged use it can be quite warm, as well as its USB adapter. But with that one complaint (which you can control very easily), the price is very justified. That’s why we chose it as the best budget option among our list of best PC desk lamps.

Poukaran desk lamp with wireless charger

Poukaran desk lamp with wireless charger
Power consumptionDimensionsColor temperature
18 W‎4.8 x 7 x 13.3 in3000-6000 K
✔️ Charger, LCD display, and lamp (3 in 1)
✔️ 3 color modes (work, reading, relaxation)
✔️ Foldable
➖ Instructions could be clearer

We continue with the Poukaran table lamp, which we recently reviewed as one of the best desk lamps for college, but now it’s time to list it among the best PC desk lamps.

This lamp is ideal for all those people who have at least a little free space on the table next to a PC monitor or laptop. We chose it because it is multifunctional, has a modern look, and a quality light. Its base is a wireless charger, so you can put your device (which has a wireless charging function) and practically charge it.

You don’t have to look for a charger, you just know – where’s the lamp, there’s a charger. It also contains an LCD display that shows the date, day, and temperature. As for light, it has 3 modes: work (4500 K), reading (6000 K) and relaxation (3000 K), and 5 brightness levels. You can fold it very easily, which makes it great for traveling or moving.

This once surely is among the best PC desk lamps if you consider the price, quality and numerous functionalities.

The instructions for use we received did not clearly explain the use of LCD screens, which we believe could be a problem for some people. That is the only complaint.

Architect desk lamp with a clamp

Architect desk lamp with a clamp
Power consumptionDimensionsColor temperature
24 W32.28 x 2.17 x 27.56 in3000-6500 K
✔️ Ultra-wide illumination area
✔️ Multiple light modes
✔️ Smart auto-dimming
➖ Could be a bit brighter

This ultra-wide architect lamp with a clamp is ideal for people who have 2 monitors!

Just place it in the middle of the back edge of the table and it will very effectively illuminate the space in front of both monitors. It has 5 different color temperatures, from 3000 to 6500 kelvins, and 5 dimmable brightness levels. It also has an auto-dimming option, where the light intensity will adjust to your surroundings, which is a very useful thing.

A handy feature that comes with the lamp is a 50 minutes auto-off timer and a memory function to remember previous settings after switching off. It is very pleasing to the eye, as it naturally illuminates the space in front of and around the screen, so your eyes do not get tired!

Although very high quality and practical, the lamp could be a tad brighter, in a way that illuminates a slightly larger table area, not just the parts around the monitor.

Metal polarized LED desk lamp

Metal polarized LED desk lamp
Power consumptionDimensionsColor temperature
12 W‎‎33.7 x 2 x 16 in2700-5700 K
✔️ 4 color temperature modes
✔️ 4 dimming options
✔️ Gesture sensing switch
➖ The auto sensor doesn’t work all the time

It’s time for another LED desk lamp with a clamp, but not as wide as the first one.

This means that it is ideal for all PC users who have one monitor. Very easily attach the clamp to the center of the back of the table and position the light above the monitor and that’s it. This lamp has 4 color temperature modes and 4 brightness settings.

What is most interesting and what separates it from others is the so-called no-contact gesture-changing switch. This means that with one swipe under the lamp or sensor, you will be able to turn on the lamp even in the dark, without asking for the ignition button.

But as useful as it is, it seemed to us that the sensor does not work every time we wave under the lamp, maybe it was just our model (we should have waved 2 times). However, with this feature, with this lamp, you not only save space but also save time.

Like most of the lamps in this guide, this one has a memory function and is very flexible.

Kablerika LED desk lamp 24W

Kablerika LED desk lamp 24W
Power consumptionDimensionsColor temperature
24 W31 x 3 x 31 in3000-6000 K
✔️ Ultra-wide illumination area
✔️ 6 color temperature modes
✔️ Stepless dimming 
➖ The power connector is a bit loose

The LED desk lamp cabling is most similar in general functionality and appearance to the third peer-reviewed lamp in this guide but is superior in terms of light intensity and quality.

It is very elegant, sleek, and modern looking and made entirely of aluminum. It is great for all PC users and is intended for all those who want to have a slightly larger surface illuminated, not just between themselves and the monitor.

6 color temperatures and stepless dimming are more than enough to adapt to the needs of each individual who uses a PC every day. Even with this lamp, the memory function is not omitted, so it is very suitable for the eyes. There will be no glare on the screen and no flickering. It will relax your eyes (CRI > 90). Therefore it’s our 2nd choice on the list of best PC desk lamps.

There are no complaints I could single out for this lamp other than that the power connector is a bit loose. You will not go wrong with this lamp.

Kablerika LED desk lamp 12W

Kablerika LED desk lamp 12W
Power consumptionDimensionsColor temperature
12 W20 x 5 x 18 in3000-6000 K
✔️ 6 color temperature modes
✔️ Adjustable brightness
✔️ Minimalist & sturdy design
➖ Sensitive light sensor

Now it’s time for another horizontal architect lamp but this time with a base!

This modern and minimalist white LED lamp is very smooth looking and will fit into almost any room. It has 6 color temperature modes and stepless dimming, but also an auto-dimming option so that you do not have to determine the best light intensity, but the lamp will define it according to the environment (in a dark environment the light becomes stronger, and in the bright environment the light becomes weak).

Kablerika LED desk lamp is very sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about whether it might sway or fall slightly.

Again, the memory function is not left out, so we can say that the lamp provides very intense light if it is set to maximum. It also has sensitive touch control, maybe even a little too sensitive for our taste, but that’s a minor complaint. It is very suitable for the eyes and will not tire them.

The CRI is greater than 90 as with the previously reviewed lamp.

Lume cube edge LED desk light

Lume cube edge LED desk light
Power consumptionDimensionsColor temperature
24 W36 x 6 x 6.3 in3200-5600 K
✔️ Amazing quality
✔️ Adjustable brightness and color temperature
✔️ Extremely flexible
➖ /

The lume cube edge LED desk light comes in the form of 2 lamps with a round LED light (and 2 adapters). Definitely the best PC desk lamp in this article. These ones are really among the best PC desk lamps and they’re our 1st choice.

It is of exceptional quality and not only has a stepless dimming option but also a stepless color temperature, which means that it is perfectly adaptable to every person and every moment you spend on the PC, whether it is ordinary work, or video conferencing, or gaming.

We recommend that you attach them to the edges of the table so that they are symmetrical and face the space between you and your PC monitor. Lamps are very flexible, dare we say there is no situation for which they would not be good. We did not find any visible flaws in this lamp.

Only the LED light is so well and well designed that you will not even notice any eye fatigue or discomfort. We warmly recommend this set of lamps.

LED desk lamp with pen holder

LED desk lamp with pen holder
Power consumptionDimensionsColor temperature
14 W15.5 x 5 x 4.1 in3200-5500 K
✔️ 3 color modes and dimming options
✔️ Wireless
✔️ Space-saving and practical
➖ Could be a bit brighter

We end this guide on the best PC desk lamps with something a little different.

This time it is a multifunctional lamp that is also a pen holder. If you are a simpler person and do not want any lamps with a clamp that extends above the monitor, this is the right thing for you.

It has a total of 3 color modes and 3 dimming options which is perfectly fine for a lamp of this type and this price and is a very neutral and beautiful design. What’s great about it is that it’s wireless. Charge it up and put it on your desk and next to your PC, and enjoy cordless use! It is as flexible as it can be (except for the pen holder itself), and it is very practical because you can put pens, markers, and things you need for everyday work with your PC.

This is a good choice for organized people who are accustomed to the classic design of lamps, but at the same time with a touch of modern look and functionality.

We want these lamps to be a little brighter, but we always have to take the price into account, and in the end, say that this is a really good price-quality ratio.

If you’re interested in multifunctional types of lamps, we’ve reviewed quite a lot of them in our best desk lamps for college guide, even though they certainly have their place among the best PC desk lamps.


Best PC desk lamps are a great thing that we recommend to anyone who spends a lot of time behind a personal computer, especially in the evening. These lamps will improve your work or entertainment experience behind the monitor, and do a service to your eyes.

Whatever style of lamp you prefer and whatever space you have (whether office or home), you will enrich your environment by taking one of these lamps. Both work and fun will be much more enjoyable and you will wonder for yourself how you could have functioned without it so far!

Go and grab one of the best PC desk lamps and do yourself a favor!

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