How to Reduce Heat From LED Lights – Simple & Easy Guide

All devices that consume electricity generate heat because that is the principle by which they work. These devices also include LED lights and with the help of this article, we will learn how to reduce heat from LED lights.

Since heat generation is not desirable in this context, let’s deep dive into the topic. 

How to reduce heat from LED lights?

You can reduce heat from LED lights by following these tips:

Tip 1: A thicker heatsink and spring washers will help distribute heat, which will make it milder.

Tip 2: Place an aluminum plate of the identical size as the LED on the backside of the LED. This way you’ll be able to distribute the heat and prevent the heat from gathering in one place. As a result, the heat will be less intense.

Those tips might also affect the intensity of the brightness a little bit, and if that bothers you, here are some tips with which you will not lose the intensity:

  • Set the LEDs towards the most efficient part of your reflector
  • Apply a lower color temperature
  • Use a lower luminance level
  • Be sure to use the high current drivers with over-current protection and over thermal-fuse
  • Use a heat sink for big LED lights 
  • Block the light from the hottest LEDs

How much heat do LED lights produce?

If we compare LED lights with other types of lamps (incandescent, compact fluorescent, or halogen), we will come to the conclusion that they produce less heat. The reason for that is that they generally consume less energy.

Some manufacturers claim that their LED bulbs do not heat up at all, which is not a complete truth. In order to function, even LED bulbs must generate a certain amount of heat, even if that heat is imperceptible. That’s the positive side to it, the ability to create light with a very little amount of heat.

The heat generated as a result can be basically insignificant. In case you want to know how to reduce heat from LED lights, these useful tips will help you realize your plan. 

As we have already concluded, LED lights create heat only under the influence of electricity.

In order to reduce heat from the LED lights, you’ll need to figure out how to control the current.

How do you cool LED lights?

You can cool LED lights with an LED cooler.

The LED cooler is a relatively new product on the market that is very popular and successful in cooling the LED lights.

LED cooler forces the air over the light system to preserve the coolness all over the surface of the bulb. This technique can also be accomplished by combining a heat sink with a fan-like those for LED coolers.

The choice of LED coolers is excellent and they are produced by a solid number of manufacturers, so you will surely find the one that is suitable for you.

Why are my LED lights so hot?

Your LED lights might be too hot because of the very warm soundings, and that is the most common reason for overheating of LED bulbs.

No wonder you want to know how to reduce heat from LED lights.

The reduction of your room temperature will help in cooling the LEDs. Try to set the optimal temperature in your room. Another reason could be the questionable quality or malfunction of your LEDs.

Today’s LEDs should not generate any significant heat.

Read more on LED vs Halogen.

Do LED lights emit a lot of heat?

LED lights do not emit a lot of heat.

Today’s LED technology is so advanced that you will most likely not be able to feel any noticeable heat coming from your LEDs.

However, some slightly warmer temperatures should exist in order for the bulbs to function, and some models will heat up more, some less. In any case, that heat should not affect anything, especially compared to the old types of bulbs.

Final words

Now that we know how to reduce heat from the LED lights and that there is a possibility of that, you should consider your problem solved. The heat from the LED lights should not be significant, but if it bothers you, there are numerous options. 

Although we have learned ways of reducing the heat and cooling the LEDs, they do not consume much energy and therefore do not generate significant heat in the first place. This is what makes LED light a higher tier than other bulbs.

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  1. My LAP branded G4 LED bulbs run at 90oC according to my thermal camera. Horrible bulbs that only last 6 months before burning out so I just go back to Screwfix and get new ones under warranty. Good job too as they now cost £17 for 4 bulbs!!!

    Poorly designed and most of the reviews say the same…..poor life expectancy.


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