What is a Hurricane Lamp?

What is a hurricane lamp

If you are interested in lamps, especially if you’re into oil lamps, there is no way that you missed hurricane lamps. If you want to know more about hurricane lamps, or you want to know what is a hurricane lamp, then this article is the right one for you.  Hurricane lamps are very distinctive, and … Read more

Oil lamps vs Candles: What’s Better?

Oil lamps vs candles

In order to jump into the oil lamps vs candles contest, let’s define both first. A candle is basically a container of wax with wicks inside of it. When a wick is lit, it produces light. Candles are used as a way to create light for many reasons. A lamp that uses natural or artificial … Read more

Are Oil Lamps Safe Indoors? – Complete Safety Guide

Are oil lamps safe indoors

Have you ever wondered “Are oil lamps safe indoors?“ It can be a tough question, but we’ll try to answer it with some insight. We’ll go over the benefits and drawbacks of using an oil lamp indoors, plus the potential hazards. Oil lamps are often dismissed as dangerous, yet in reality, they’re relatively safe.  For … Read more