7 Inspiring Indirect LED Lighting Ideas

The atmosphere is one of the most important elements in the design of a home. A good atmosphere makes the home feel warm and comfortable. And you guessed it – the lighting plays a major role in that. That’s why we came up with a list of indirect LED lighting ideas.

But first – basics.

There are different types of lighting: accent (direct), task, and ambient (indirect). Each of them serves its purpose and gives the inherent quality of the space. 

Indirect lighting does not illuminate a specific point or object, but its inconspicuousness creates a pleasant ambiance and atmosphere. The atmosphere is especially homey when the light gently comes from the background. 

It is also considered one of the best lighting options because it is very energy efficient.

In this article, we will describe indirect lighting, how it works, why should you use it, and list some great ideas if you have opted for this type of lighting.

Indirect LED lighting ideas

The combination of direct and indirect lighting will make your room appear more spacious, brighter, and warmer.

To create a feeling of depth and space in your home, use light colors.

A well-designed room should be able to radiate light and warmth on its own. Indirect lighting can be used to add another layer of brightness and warmth to the room. 

The most important thing is that your home should be bright, but not too bright. Use a soft light color (or white) to create an atmosphere of peace and calm.

Here are 7 best indirect LED lighting ideas for your home:

Outlining objects and furniture

One of the most popular ways in which indirect lighting is used is to frame (outline) certain elements of the room – be it furniture, certain parts of the wall, the background of the bed, etc.

In this way, the edges of the elements are further emphasized.

These parts of the room will radiate exceptional charm and yet will not be uncomfortably striking.

It’s on the top of our list for a reason – one of certainly best indirect LED lighting ideas there is.

Ceiling accent lights

The ceiling is an extremely good place for indirect lighting because it gives an extra dimension to the room. Properly lit, the room will not only look beautiful but will breathe life into the whole house.

The inner edges of recessed ceilings are usually illuminated.

Kitchen angles

The kitchen is a room that usually has a lot of natural light. That is why the same atmosphere should be maintained when there is no natural light.

This is where indirect lighting comes into play – it can be placed in the corners of the room and under the kitchen cabinets.

Small recessed lights can also be added to the ceiling, as shown in the picture.

Under the staircase

Is there anything cooler than lightly lit stairs?

This is not only a great way to visually add to the ambiance of your home but also to contribute to the safety of your every step.

Below staircase railing

Having already mentioned the stairs, we can also mention the handrails!

It can be combined with stairs for a complete version of lighting, but you need to have a measure, as it can sometimes be too much.

It should be remembered that this is indirect lighting, and try to maintain its purpose.

Room angles in general

Angles define space.

By placing indirect lighting on them, we clearly delineate the edges of the rooms to more clearly experience the dimension of the space.

Inside objects and furniture

We started by illuminating the outer edges of the furniture, and ending with the interior space!

In this way, we create a sense of the depth of individual elements in the house, in a pleasant and not overly impressive way.

With this example, we’ve reached the end of our indirect LED lighting ideas.

What is an example of indirect lighting?

Indirect lighting can be natural or artificial.

Natural indirect lighting:

  • sun
  • moon

Artificial indirect lighting:

  • LED lighting strips
  • LED recessed lighting
  • Carefully positioned light (behind an object)

Where do you use indirect lighting?

Living room or a bedroom

If you are looking for a bright and modern look in your home then this lighting is a perfect solution. This type of lighting helps you to make the room brighter and it will create a beautiful atmosphere.


The office is another place where indirect lighting is highly recommended. It will make the office much more pleasant and comfortable.


The bathroom is one of the rooms where you need to make sure that there are no shadows or dim lights. You should have indirect lighting to create a pleasant ambiance in the bathroom.


Another place where indirect lighting is very beneficial is the kitchen. The kitchen is a very important space and it needs to be well lit. The kitchen is a very bright space, so it is necessary to add indirect lighting to make it comfortable.

Other areas

Indirect lighting is not just limited to these places, it can be used in many other areas as well. For instance, it can be used in other rooms of your home as well. It will help you to create a beautiful environment and a comfortable atmosphere in your home.

You certainly won’t have a lack of inspiration due to the list of our indirect LED lighting ideas.

How do you reduce glare from LED light strips?

There are some ways through which you can minimize glare from LED light strips.

These tips are simple, easy to implement, and most importantly effective tips to reduce glare from LED light strips:

Use the right angle

It is recommended to use the LED light strip at the right angle to prevent glare. You must always try to keep the LED light strip at 45 degrees from your face, as this will reduce the glare.

Use a diffuser

Diffusers are usually placed on the ceiling above the LED light strip and it acts as an excellent option to reduce glare. It is important that you need to choose a diffuser that has been specially designed for LED light strips.

Use a shield

A piece of parchment paper or cloth will do the trick. Cut as much as you need and position it in front of the lights themselves to reduce the light intensity.

What are the advantages of indirect lighting over direct lighting?

Creates ambient

Indirect lighting does not distract and does not catch the eye like direct lighting. It creates an inconspicuous and dimly lit atmosphere. Although, we would describe it more as a characteristic than an advantage since both types of lighting serve a certain purpose.

There are both types of lighting for a reason.

More natural look

You don’t need to be an expert to know that direct lighting in some scenarios creates an unnatural look. This can be a problem for many people and they want to change it. If you are one of them, then indirect lighting is your solution.

By using indirect lighting, you can make your home or office look more natural and beautiful. 

It saves more energy

Direct lighting is not the most energy-efficient thing. It takes a lot of energy to light up the room. If you use indirect lighting, then you will save a lot of energy. It will help you to save a lot of money and electricity bills.


Indirect lighting is amazing. It works as the best background lighting. The light is indirect, which means that it falls on a surface or a wall.

You can use this type of light to create amazing looks. We hope this article inspired you and gave some amazing indirect LED lighting ideas that you’ll soon test out in your own home. 

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