Do LED Lights Attract Silverfish?

In case you want to know do LED lights attract silverfish you need to know how do they work and what makes them special.

LED (short for the light-emitting diode) lighting lights up to 90% more effectively than an electric light bulb. LED lights work on a completely different principle and they use much less energy for their functioning.

A microchip converts electrical current into visible light and we call it an LED. Incandescent (electric) bulbs burn out, and that’s not what’s happening with LEDs. Instead, their brightness just slowly decreases with time passing by.

What are silverfish?

A silver bristletail (commonly known as silverfish), a nocturnal insect that feeds on starchy material, is often found in homes and other buildings. The reason for that name is its light silver-gray color and fish-like movements.

Silverfish are a nuisance, but they are not harmful to human health. They will do damage to your books, food, and clothing, and that’s what makes them so annoying.

Yellow stains and small holes in materials and food might be indications of their infestation. They are typically found in humid areas, so they will most likely search for your bathroom, basement, or attic. 

When people have noticed silverfish, they have realized that the silverfish are likely in the ceiling soffits or drop from skylights and canister lights.

Do LED lights attract silverfish?

There are plenty of misconceptions about LED lights, and one of them must be that LED lights attract silverfish. That is not the case, it’s a completely false statement.

Although they often drop from lighting fixtures, they are actually afraid of light and they like to stay in dark environments. The fact is, they are exclusively nocturnal animals. 

Some insects are drawn to light (especially bright white and blue lights), but the silverfish is not one of them, on the contrary, they are terrified of light.

Since they like to stay in dark places, it might happen you will see their traces, but never themselves, or it might pass a longer period of time until you finally notice them. 

The not-so-great thing is, that the lights attract most bugs.

There is a controversy about bugs being attracted to LED lights, more than they would be attracted to some different source of light. That is also not the case, but with that being said, the silverfish myth doesn’t come as surprise. 

Why do LED lights attract silverfish?

Again, we must come to the conclusion that LED lights do NOT attract silverfish. It’s just a one of false spread information. If you’re having problems with silverfish in your house, that must be because of some different issues.

You need to analyze your environment. Silverfish like to live in gloomy, dark, and moist conditions, so try to combat those conditions before you think about getting rid of your LED lights. 

Do LED lights attract bugs in general?

The simple answer to that would be yes, LED lights attract bugs in general. It would be unfair to say that they attract bugs more than some other types of lighting, but they do attract them.

Insects notice 3 colors of light:

  • Ultraviolet (UV),
  • green
  • and blue

LED lights also come in these colors.

The colors of light bugs are least attracted to (because they cannot perceive them) are shades of yellow, pink, and orange (warm colors).

Insects are drawn to the heat of the light and the brightness (intensity of the light). Although there is less heat and there is no UV included with the LED lights, there is a great amount of light intensity. 

How to get rid of silverfish in your home?

If you want to get rid of silverfish in your house, it would be smart to treat the cause first. As we already determined, silverfish are attracted to humid, moist, dark, and generally nondesirable conditions.

Check for leaks and moisture

Check if there are any leaks in your house, wet holes, and corners, or moisture on your walls for example.

The higher the moisture level is, the better the condition is for silverfish to live in your home. You need to take care of letting fresh air circulate through your home because if there is no fresh and clean air, that will attract moist and new cultures.

Clean your house

Silverfish are feeding on starchy materials and foods. If there are food sources left around your house, you’re basically offering them food. Make sure there are no food leftovers stuck somewhere. 

Also, silverfish love dust, they can survive on dust alone. 

Hacks to get rid of silverfish

Newspaper hack

If there is a bug infestation and you need to treat symptoms there are a few hacks. Attract them with wet rolled newspapers and they will make it their home. You’ll gather them in one place which will help you get rid of them.

Sticky traps

Sticky traps will help also. Silverfish will stick to them, and your only job is to leave the traps in places where you noticed their traces. 

Cedar oil

Cedar oil is known as a great pest killer, and borax which you can purchase in your local store will help you for sure. You should avoid that option if you have a pet. 


LED lights are generally a great source of lighting. They are powerful, their light is strong but very sophisticated and pleasant to the eye. The biggest plus is that they are much more efficient and they produce less energy and heat, compared to the traditional light bulbs.

People prefer their white and blueish cast for social activities and for themselves.

The good thing is that you no longer have to worry about do LED lights attract silverfish since that’s not happening. The worst thing that’ll happen is drawing attention to the bugs in general, but it’s impossible to completely avoid those creatures anyway. 

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