8 Best Warm Light Bulbs To Light Up Your Home [2023]

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There are many different types of light bulbs you can buy today.

Some of them are pretty affordable, while others cost quite a bit of money. If you are looking for the best warm light bulbs for your home, then you will be happy to know that you can find good quality warm light bulbs at very reasonable prices.

In this post, we have a list of the 8 best warm light bulbs that you should consider buying.

But before that let’s talk about the criteria we used to pick the best ones.

Top pick

ST19 Vintage LED Bulbs

ST19(ST58) Vintage Edison LED Bulb, Warm White 2500K

Best for budget

Small LED E12 Bulbs

LED G14 Small Base Orange Light Bulb E12 5W 1500K

2nd pick

Dewenwils LED Bulbs

DEWENWILS 4-Pack Dimmable LED A19 Light Bulb, Soft White Light with Warm Glow, 800 Lumen, 2700K

How do we choose the best warm light bulbs?

Color temperature

Warm bulbs emit light that is usually yellow or orange. The color of the light itself or the so-called color temperature depends on a unit of measurement called Kelvin. This is exactly one of the main criteria we used to choose the best warm light bubs for you.

If you want, read the article in which we answered the question of how to choose the right color temperature for a room.

Variety of purpose

It’s not just the color temperature that matters.

Our list also includes LED and incandescent bulbs. There are also bulbs of classic design, and there are those that are of a certain style.

With such a choice, we hope to meet the needs of all of you who read our articles, because it is completely clear to us that people have different tastes and different homes. 

Quality, durability, and consumption

All light bulbs are really the best warm light bulbs, which means they are quality and last a long time. We are not only satisfied with them but also many other people are.

They are made of quality material and you can be sure that you will be satisfied.

It is important for us that they consume as little energy as possible, so we mostly chose LEDs. Check out our wattage guide if you want to learn more.

Best warm light bulbs

LED G14 Small Base Orange Light Bulb

LED G14 Small Base Orange Light Bulb E12 5W 1500K
Light typeColor temperatureWattageBase type

We immediately start the list with one of the warmest light bulbs.

Not only is the head of the bulb orange, but the color temperature is 1500k which is very warm. It is LED and uses only 3 watts of electricity which is very economical and practical.

The bulb itself is G14 shaped, while the base is E12, which means it will fit most fixtures.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors while the price is very affordable and there are no obvious flaws. What you see is what you get.

Neporal Amber Light Bulbs

Neporal Amber Light Bulbs
Light typeColor temperatureWattageBase type

Neporal Amber bulbs are a little clearer in color than the previous ones, but they are certainly very warm in terms of color.

Their color temperature is 1800K, they’re LEDs and use 9 watts.

Amber light reduces eye fatigue and protects your eye health. You’re going to be able to read, sleep or work very comfortably.

It’s a standard E26 / E27 bulb and you can use it for various purposes.

TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb

TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb, Filament E26 Smart Light Bulb
Light typeColor temperatureWattageBase type

The TP-link bulb is a little different from the others because it is a Smart Wi-fi bulb, which means you can connect it to your devices and control its brightness (dim it).

And this is also a warm LED bulb and has a color temperature of 2000K.

It uses only 5 watts of electricity and you can use it both indoors and outdoors.

To be able to control it via your device, you just need to download the Kassa app, connect to Wi-fi and that’s it. You can even control it with your voice via Alexa or Google Now.

Since it is adaptable, warm, and can be controlled in various ways, it is one of the favorites in this review.

Tuneucle 1-Pack Edison LED Bulbs

Tuneucle 1-Pack Edison Bulbs Led Dimmable 4W 110V Antique Style Edison Light Bulbs,2000K
Light typeColor temperatureWattageBase type

The Tuneucle is a very charming and warm bulb that has both unique and antique styles. It is modeled after the original filament lamp by Thomas Edison, which is really cool.

This LED bulb has a color temperature of 2000K while consuming only 4 watts of energy. 

The color is the same as with all previous light bulbs – orange or amber. It’s a G95 bulb and fits into E26 or E27 base, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

It is compatible with dimmer switches, so you can further dim the light intensity. It certainly is the most old-school and unique lamp among all these 8.

ASOKO 4-Pack LED Dimmable Edison Light Bulbs

ASOKO 4-Pack LED Dimmable Edison Light Bulbs 40W Equivalent Vintage Light Bulb, 2200K-2400K
Light typeColor temperatureWattageBase type

ASOKO bulbs have a very elegant look and would fit perfectly with a rustic interior and decor. The package includes 4 LED bulbs with a color temperature of 2200-2400K.

Unlike the previous ones, they use 40 watts of energy, which is even a lot, regardless of the fact that they are LEDs. They’re also dimmable.

E26 bulbs are standard, while their shape is ST64 (spherical tubular 64mm).

You won’t go wrong with these bulbs either, especially if you plan to implement them with a rustic interior/exterior – they will shine to the maximum in such an environment!

Edison Light Bulbs, Brightown 4 Packs Vintage

Edison Light Bulbs, Brightown 4 Packs Vintage 60 Watt Incandescent Light Bulbs
Light typeColor temperatureWattageBase type

Similar to the previous bulbs, these Edison bulbs emit very warm light because their color temperature is 2200K overall.

What separates it from the others is the type of bulb itself – it is not LED but a 60W incandescent light bulb.

The light of this bulb is very stable, which means that it is high quality and will not flicker and spoil the eyesight.

It is very retro and creates a unique warm atmosphere wherever you put it, be it a chandelier, vanity lighting fixtures, ceiling light, or anything else.

Its base is E26 and it is dimmable.

ST19(ST58) Vintage Edison LED Bulb

ST19(ST58) Vintage Edison LED Bulb, Warm White 2500K
Light typeColor temperatureWattageBase type

These LED bulbs consume 4.5 watts of electricity and have a color of 2500 kelvins, which is very warm and suitable for any pleasant environment.

Combining vintage style and LED modernity, these lamps do not lack charm at all.

Their shape is ST19 (ST58), while their base is regular E26. They are very easy to install.

They are bought in a package of 4 lamps, and you even get a two-year warranty.

DEWENWILS 4-Pack Dimmable LED Bulbs

DEWENWILS 4-Pack Dimmable LED A19 Light Bulb, Soft White Light with Warm Glow, 800 Lumen, 2700K
Light typeColor temperatureWattageBase type

We left the most classic ones for the end.

For all people who like something not so warm color, we have reviewed DEWENWILS bulbs for you.

LEDs that consume 10 watts of energy and have a color temperature of 2700 kelvins – the most of all lamps, which means that they are not as warm colors as others, but they are certainly warm and someone will prefer this variant.

They are dimmable, very bright light, and will last you a very long time. They come in a package of 4 bulbs with a classic E26 base.

A very simple and classic model that is hard to go wrong with, especially if you don’t want a very amber color like the aforementioned bulbs.

FAQ about warm light bulbs

What light bulb gives the warmest light?

Ligh bulbs that have a color temperature ranging from 1000 to 3000 kelvins give the warmest light.

All of the bulbs in this article fit within that range.

How do I choose a warm light bulb?

To choose a warm light bulb, all you have to do is look for the Kelvin rating between 1500 and 3000.

The lower the rating the warmer the light. Most bulb manufacturers offer this information. Also, look for a bulb that has a lower rating than the ones you currently have in your fixtures.

What is the warmest light bulb color?

The warmest light bulb color is orange, and it has a color temperature of 1000 kelvins.

That warm type of color is also called candlelight since it looks like the color that a burning candle emits.


Bulbs that emit a warm color of light further add to the comfort of the living space. Whether you prefer warmer or less warm, in this article on the best warm light bulbs you can definitely find the one that suits you and your home best. We hope that you found our information useful. 

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment.

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