LED Light Color Meaning – Every Color Explained [2022]

In today’s world, everything is about visuals and our home is the best place to make it visually appealing. We want to express ourselves through our home decor and lights, but in order to create a complete picture of our space and us, we must understand the meaning of each LED light color.

There is so much we can change just by adding a specific shade of color to our favorite room.

Let’s find out how color can affect one’s mood and atmosphere.

Color temperature

Color temperature is the color of light given by a lightbulb.

The easiest way to realize the meaning of every LED light color is to learn the basics of color classification through Kelvins. The lower the Kelvin is, the warmer and fuscous the colors are. The higher the Kelvin is, the colder and brighter the colors are.

On a spectrum from 1000K to 10000K, we will see a variety of shades transitioning from warm orangy tones to cold blue tones. Read about that in another article of ours (How to choose the right color temperature) in more detail.

LED light color meaning

There is a meaning behind every color and it is interesting how we can paint a room with a certain color and mood through light. There are numerous ways to use color to improve someone’s mood. Light has a very important role in creating an ambiance.

Now we will not look back at Kelvin, but we will focus on the colors themselves. We tend to associate certain colors with certain emotions so it is no wonder that the wrong choice of color for a specific room can affect our mood negatively.

Colors affect our brains differently and trigger our minds to produce different feelings.

The good thing is that we can bring all these emotions and moods into our room without a complete rearrangement, painting the walls, etc. All you need is a light bulb that emits light of a certain color or color-changing bulb.

Which color should I choose for LED light?

Choosing a color for an emotion that matches the emotion is the key to having a wonderful time in your own home. Below we will take a closer look into the meaning of LED light colors.


Green is often associated with feelings of harmony, relaxation, and balance.

It makes people calm and peaceful. Light in green color will help you get rid of tension and stress. Green is the right pick if you want to stay in touch with nature within the walls of your own home.


Blue can also be used to represent calmness, reliability, strength, and trustworthiness.

Blue LED light will make you feel safe and at peace. Light blue colors are mostly associated with calmness, but the darker shades will improve strength and emotional intelligence.


Yellow color is related to warmth, friendliness, cheerfulness, and optimism.

If you lack creativity or energy, and your space is too one-dimensional, a touch of yellow LED light will change that.


Orange possesses similar qualities to yellow color but it needs to be used with more caution.

If you’re feeling nervous, too much orange color can increase those types of feelings. Use this color more sparingly and avoid aggressive and screaming colors. The right pick of orange will give you a sense of coziness and warmth.


Violet color is used to symbolize love, passion, friendship, and spirituality

As an LED light, this color is very flexible and subtle. It adapts well to the desired atmosphere because it is not dominant. It is often used to signify luxury or wealth. Purple also tends to be associated with royalty, mystery, and spirituality.


Red makes people feel warm, energetic, and alert.

Although this color is much stronger than purple, it can also be used for various purposes. It’s an effective color in terms of persuasion because of its association with passion, urgency, danger, and the feeling of love and happiness. If your room lacks character and soul, illuminate it with a red LED light. But, if the color is too loud or too bright, it can induce feelings of anger, and aggression.


In conclusion, the colors you see can influence how you feel.

When you look at a red shirt, you may think of passion. But when you look at a green shirt, you may think of peace. We concluded that it is the same with light. LED lighting in a certain color will affect the appearance of your room, and subsequently your mood. A couple of studies showed that the mood of the people was influenced (both positively and negatively) by using a light-emitting diode (LED) lamp in a specific color.

We believe that the color of the room should be selected according to the emotion we want to wake up and that the mood of the person should be improved by using LED lighting in a specific color.

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