What Type Of Floor Lamp Gives The Most Light?

If you’re looking for a floor lamp, you are obviously interested in what type of floor lamp gives the most light. There are plenty of floor lamps on the market and you can choose them according to the type of light you wish for. 

Some lamps are capable of providing your room with the brightest lighting, some of them are very subtle and their light is minimalistic. It is up to you to choose.

What type of floor lamp gives the most light?

Shortly answered, out of all floor lamps, curved and tripod-style floor lamps are capable of providing the greatest amount of light for your room.

Those lamps are specifically made for dispersing the light in multiple directions at the same time. That means that the light source will not be a single light source, instead, you will have multiple light sources, and all those light sources dispersed, are able to treat every corner of your home with the same light intensity. That factor would be especially important if the lamp is the main light source in your room.

In case you are not using any chandelier for your room, or your room is deprived of daylight because of some specific reasons, you may primarily rely on the floor lamp, and if that’s your situation, you better find a floor lamp that gives the most light.

Besides curved and tripod style floor lamps, an open shade lamp is also a great choice when it comes to providing great light. Because their bulbs are giving a full effect inside your room, they can be a second option.

That’s the main information you need if you want to know what type of floor lamp gives the most light.

What is the brightest lumens for a floor lamp?

A floor lamp that produces about 2,400 lumens is considered among the brightest ones. You should aim for that type of lamp if you are trying to brighten a space that is below averagely dark.

You can find those high-light output lamps without their light being overpowering. That is the matter of quality, more than the matter of lumens. If a floor lamp is uncomfortable to the eyes, that might be due to the type of light, but less due to bright lumens. 

Read more on what are lumens.

What color temperature is right for me?

In order to find out what color temperature is right for you, first, you need to know that intimate spaces like private rooms or restaurants require a smaller Kelvin range, but less intimate spaces such as offices or hospitals, require moderate or a higher Kelvin range.

The more intimate the space, the lower the color temperature should be. To easily understand this, low Kelvins create a warm atmosphere and warm color temperature (1800-3000K), but the higher the Kelvins, the cooler the color temperature is (3500-5000K+). 

How do I choose a bright floor lamp?

Different floor lamps

In choosing a bright floor lamp, you need to figure out your personal preferences first. There are so many different kinds of floor lamps available in stores these days, and it can be hard to pick out one.

Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself when choosing a bright floor lamp:

  1. What are the features I’m looking for?
  2. How will it look in my home?
  3. Do I need it to provide a specific type of light, such as mood lighting or reading?
  4. Do I want it to provide ambient light for the whole house?

When you walk into a store, try to imagine what kind of light fixture you would like in your own home, and then try to narrow it down to what’s available in the store. This is the first step in choosing a light, and it’s crucial to the process.

If you’re purchasing your floor lamp online, you have a greater choice of products, but pay attention to all the specifics listed. Every product online should be described in the smallest details, and if you can’t seem to find the characteristics important to you, search for the customer reviews and make sure everything’s legit.

Also, make sure you check out our list of brightest floor lamps, if you want to see our recommendations about what type of floor lamp gives the most light.

Which floor lamp is best?

Here, we would like to introduce you to one of the best floor lamps, especially if you’re looking for a bright floor lamp.

Brightech Sky LED Torchiere super bright floor lamp will exceed your expectations for sure.

This lamp looks modern and it gives 3000K warm white bright light. The weighted base makes this lamp heavy and sturdy, so it’s a very safe lamp, great for usage amongst children since no one will tip over it.

This is a 3-way dimmable lamp and the coolest thing ever is its memory function which saves the brightness settings for the next time. The warm white light is very comfortable to the eye despite the high level of brightness.

This metal, 63 inches lamp is a high-quality product, and for a relatively low price, you can enjoy all of its benefits.

Can a floor lamp light a room?

A floor lamp can light a room, especially if you chose the right one, and the important thing to keep in mind is to pick the lamp capable of dispersing the light evenly throughout every corner of the space.

We have already come to the conclusion that the curved and tripod-style floor lamps are the best for that purpose.

Because of their great lighting capacities, floor lamps are often used as the main source of light. Depending on the size of the room, sometimes you’re going to need more than one floor lamp.


Floor lamps are more than capable of providing us with all types of light. Now when you know what type of floor lamp gives the most light and that there are very bright lamps you can purchase, feel free to consider them as an option for your home. 

The fact that there are so many different floor lamps today makes it easier to find the one that will be both pretty and useful in terms of lighting.

Whether it’s for aesthetic purposes, or for lighting reasons, a floor lamp can add some beautiful high-quality light to any room.

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