Are Oil Lamps Safe Indoors? – Complete Safety Guide

Are oil lamps safe indoors

Have you ever wondered “Are oil lamps safe indoors?“ It can be a tough question, but we’ll try to answer it with some insight. We’ll go over the benefits and drawbacks of using an oil lamp indoors, plus the potential hazards. Oil lamps are often dismissed as dangerous, yet in reality, they’re relatively safe.  For … Read more

Old Lava Lamps – Complete Overview And FAQ

Old lava lamps

A lava lamp is a charming type of lamp that should adorn the home of any collector. With time, they get older and tend to expire and break. Their life expectancy is around 2000 hours. With that said, old lava lamps always bring a bunch of questions regarding their life expectancy, such as – “can … Read more

How Lighting Affects Productivity – 5 Surprising Facts

How Lighting Affects Productivity

In the past, lighting wasn’t considered an important segment of productivity. But it’s no longer a question of whether or not you should pay attention to lighting—it’s now a matter of how. Lighting can affect your mood, productivity, and even health. Lighting has a significant effect on human perception and behavior, even influencing things like … Read more