5 Best Table Lamps That Look Like Flowers

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The table lamps that look like flowers are one of the most pretty pieces of lighting at home. These lamps are simple and clean, but they have an interesting way of being different. 

For some, such a design will not fit with the aesthetics of the rest of the apartment, but we think they are very charming and classically beautiful. Their appearance can be simple and subtle, but also luxurious and striking.

In this article, we will go through five examples of quality and beautiful table lamps that look like flowers.

5 Table lamps that look like flowers

Bieye Tiffany Style Flower Lamp

✔️ Enhances your decor
✔️ Perfect dimensions for the table
✔️ Separate light control
✔️ 4-way rotary switch
➖ You can’t twist the lights in the desired direction

This 23.5 inches high and ‎7.43 pounds heavy table lamp is a classical example of simplicity, but striking looks at the same time. If you’re looking for a table lamp that looks magical but in a more romantic, old-fashioned, and rustical way, this is the right one for you.

It will fit perfectly at your bedside or in the living room. The lampshade is made of foiled pink glass. A lot of work was put into creating this lamp, since its handmade by craftsmen. Every buyer will end up with a unique and authentic lampshade due to the different shades and shapes of glass available at the time of creation.

This lamp has a 4-way rotary switch and an in-line switch. You can manipulate 2 lights on and off separately. Feel free to use different bulbs in order to get different color temperatures. Twisting the lights in an arbitrary direction is not possible.

Bieye Lily Flower Lamp

✔️ Great dimensions
✔️ Unique and beautiful decorative piece
✔️ Perfect gift
➖ Not dimmable

This beautiful 16-inch high lamp is another gem among table lamps that look like flowers.

The lamp has elegant look since lilies are associated with the beauty of Greek mythology. If you want this lamp to be bright you can use an LED bulb. It is recommended to use the warm white light bulb with a 360-degree beam angle.

The lamp is handmade and the lampshade is made out of blown glass that is painted with beautiful orange color. The color will never fade since it’s baked at a high temperature.

This lamp has the same manufacturer as the first one (Bieye), and that is one of the most popular manufacturers in the world of Tiffany lamps. It will be a perfect choice for your table in any room, or you can give it to your loved ones as a gift.

The lamp is not dimmable.

Shine Luest Green Flower Lamp 

✔️ 3-level dimming
✔️ Handcrafted and easy to use
✔️ Great for reading
✔️ Touch sensors
➖ Inconvenient stained glass

Another beautiful lamp to talk about indeed. This is a perfect example of a 3-way dimmable vintage-designed table lamp that looks like a flower.

The lamp is 16.5 inches tall and it will look beautiful on any desk in your bedroom, living room, or any desired room. It has an E26 adjustable LED bulb which provides three different light colors. You can choose between warm light, neutral light, and white light. Choose the light according to your personal preferences. This lamp is also great for reading.

It’s handcrafted and the unique stained glass lampshade will bring creativity to your home. The simple push-button to change the light color and turn the lamp on/off makes it easy to use.

Although the lamp is beautiful, some will say that the stained glass doesn’t look that convenient.

Rural Leaf Lamp

✔️ Unique look inspired by nature
✔️ Touch control
✔️ 2 USB charging ports
✔️ 3-level brightness
➖ Can be too sensitive to touch

If you are looking for a lamp totally inspired by nature this is the right one for you. This beautiful 3-way dimmable, 18.5-inch tall lamp will resemble the true beauty of nature in your home.

This magnificent artistry will enhance the table of any of your rooms.

Vines with small leaves climbing from the base and an amber glass shade are a magical addition to this flower lamp.

The lamp offers 3-level brightness (low, medium, and high) to accommodate your surroundings. The best thing about this lamp is that this is a touch control lamp with 2 USB charging ports.

The only drawback may be the touch principle which can sometimes be disturbed, but it should work perfectly if the product is undamaged.

Bonsai Tree Light Lamp

✔️ Very cheap
✔️ Bendable branches
✔️ USB plug-in
➖ Short life span due to product sensitivity

This is an absolute peak in combining uniqueness with extremely low prices, especially if you love the Japanese aesthetic.

The beautiful bonsai tree has adjustable branches made with 48 LED crystal-like cherry blossom petals on them. Those LEDs will create a warm ambiance in your space. You can enjoy complete freedom with this lamp by bending the branches in your favorite directions. Another awesome feature is that this lamp can be powered by a USB plug-in.

There’s a possibility that the lamp can stop working too fast due to its sensitivity, but with the undamaged product that shouldn’t happen. 


Now that we have clarified the meaning of this theme and highlighted 5 table lamps that look like flowers, you surely know if you like their look and whether you will buy them for your home.

If you are looking for a unique look that’s very different from the norm, then try decorating your home with this type of lamp. On the contrary, there are plenty of subtle lamps in this style also! The choice is great so feel free to adjust it to yourself. 

Always look for one that has a reasonable price for you, combined with good quality features.

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