LED Lights on the Floor or Ceiling – Where To Put Them? [2023]

Some LED lights are placed on the floor, but many people prefer to mount them on the ceiling, therefore, the question arises whether it is better to have LED lights on the floor or ceiling.

The answer really depends on you and what kind of atmosphere you want to achieve in your room.

Each option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and we will share some of our thoughts on each of them.

Pros and cons of putting LED lights on the floor


Perfect for illuminating walkways

LED lights on the floor are the best option if you want to illuminate walkways and passages of your house. For this purpose, you will need to use LED strip lights.

This way, the light will be focused on your passage, so that you can see exactly where you are walking without unnecessary illumination of unwanted parts of your interior. 

Minimized glare

Using LED lights on the floor will minimize glare from other lighting fixtures you own.

Your house can look bigger than it is

Another great benefit of using LED lights on the floor is the optical illusion of making your house look larger. People usually look at the brightest point of the room, and if that point is at eye level or even below them, the rest of the room will seem huge.

Providing accent lighting

Accent lighting looks particularly stylish, modern, and charming so that is another reason to use the LED lights on the floor. As we already mentioned, this type of lighting will be focused on certain spots that will be emphasized and in focus.

This is a beautiful way of emphasizing some artistic works you own or beautiful pieces of furniture et cetera.

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Greater caution when walking

Unfortunately, the lights can be an additional obstacle on the floor, and if you are not careful or you already have a lot of objects placed on the floor, this can be an extra barrier to unhindered passage.

Also, this is not an especially practical way of illumination if you have a pet.

More expensive option

Given that you have to buy the controller and power supply separately, there is a possibility that you will spend extra money.

Pros and cons of putting LED lights on the ceiling


Providing a great amount of light to the space

Using LED lights on the ceiling is the best option if you really want to lighten up your room or if your home is naturally dark and deprived of lighting. Therefore, we can say that this is the most efficient way of illumination. A lighting fixture placed at the top of the room will illuminate every corner.

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A safer option for certain rooms

Considering that it would be extremely impractical to place the lights in the bathroom or kitchen on the floor, it is logical that we will place them on the ceiling.

The lights should not be in contact with water so it is best to mount them on the ceiling, unless you are planning to buy waterproof lights then this does not apply to you.

It looks neater

Excessive cables and wires can disrupt the harmony of your tidy home. It is easier to hide them on the ceiling than on the floor.

A good solution for outdoors

Considering their characteristics, ceiling LED lights are more convenient to use outdoors. They are not in the way and are more suitable for weather conditions. Feel free to decorate your patio with them.


Excess glare

The LED strip lights that are directed from top to bottom can provide excessive glare that will spoil the pleasant atmosphere you want to achieve in your room. Instead of a chill cozy ambiance, your space will be too bright and ”in your face”.

Wrong option for walkways

If illuminating your walkway, you want accent lighting, you want to focus on certain objects, and installing LED strip lights on the ceiling will not achieve the desired effect.

Likewise, if you were to install LED strip lights on your ceiling, then that would be your primary light source for the room, but that’s not meant to be your primary light source.


Should I put LED lights on the floor or ceiling?

Where you place LED lights depends on your personal preferences, but we can say with certainty that you will place them on the floor if you want accent lighting in your walkway or if you want to play with the aesthetics of light, and you will place them on the ceiling if you need light in the bathroom or the kitchen.

But those are not the only options! You can also place LED strip lights directly on the wall, which in some cases can be better than the floor and ceiling.

What we would definitely suggest is that you watch a video that explains exactly what to avoid when positioning LED strip lights.

Can I put LED lights on the ceiling?

Yes, you certainly can put LED lights on the ceiling. You can put them on the ceiling and on the floor, or you can even combine both if you wish to.


In conclusion, the answer to this question is probably both. You will find the answer depends on your purpose, location, and lighting requirements.

When buying lighting fixtures and lighting systems, it’s important to know what type of environment you’re working in. Will your light fixtures be installed on floors or ceilings? What will the space look like? Will it be bright or dark? Knowing these answers will help you decide which type of lighting you will need for your specific application.

LED lights on the floor certainly have their pros and cons as well as LED lights on the ceiling.

If you have any questions regarding this topic, please let us know in the comments below.

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