LED Lights Not Sticking? Here Are 5 Quick & Easy Fixes

LED lights not sticking

LED strip lights have quickly become our favorite decorative lights, but how do we solve the problem of LED lights not sticking? We encounter this stubborn problem every day, which fortunately is not irreversible. These lights are so versatile, flexible, easy to install, and budget-friendly that we simply cannot find a better option for our … Read more

Are Light Socket Adapters Safe?

Are Light Socket Adapters Safe

Light socket adapters are a great and practical solution for your light fixtures, but the question is, are light socket adapters safe for usage? This question arises too often in our community and we feel it’s important to address this issue and clear up any concerns or misunderstandings. In this article, you will find out … Read more

How To Remove 2 Pin CFL Bulb – A 6 Step Guide [2023]

How To Remove 2 Pin CFL Bulb

In this article, we will discuss how to remove 2 pin CFL bulb (compact fluorescent lamp) specifically. There are numerous reasons why we need to change or remove bulbs from our lighting fixtures, but what to do when you are simply unable to remove the bulb? It’s not uncommon for people to have problems with … Read more