How To Hang Fairy Lights On The Wall – Complete Guide [2023]

In order to know how to hang fairy lights on the wall, let’s do the basics first.

Fairy lights (also known as Christmas lights) are a set of colored LED lights used to provide decoration and atmosphere at night. They are used both indoors and outdoors and can be hung or attached to walls and ceilings. The lights can also be placed in windows or on the Christmas tree, and are most often used to light up homes during holidays. 

Fairy lights are usually made from flexible PVC, metal wire, or plastic with colored LEDs inside. They are available in various colors such as white, blue, red, green, and yellow.

When it comes to choosing fairy lights, you need to consider several factors including the number of lights you want to use, the length of the string of lights, and how much you are willing to spend.

How to hang fairy lights on the wall?

There are many ways how to hang fairy lights on the wall. 

All you need is the lights themselves and something for them to hang on to – you’re free to choose between nails, thumbtacks, or command strips. If you want to hang fairy lights without damaging the wall, use command strips

Command strips are decorating clips that are way more practical than nails because they are the cheap damage-free solution that’s used to easily stick fairy lights on the wall. They’re cheap and worth buying.

Depending on the position of the command strips (or nails) on your wall, you’ll be able to make different fairy light shapes.  

Some of the most common ways and ideas to hang fairy lights are:

  • Making light curtains
  • Combine them with polaroids
  • Put them around objects (wall art, mirrors…) 
  • Shape them in letters
  • Random shapes to fit your room and furniture

Battery-operated fairy lights are more effective in terms of flexibility since your creativity and ideas do not depend on the position of electrical outlets. In case you’ve got the ones that need the outlet, it’s best to measure the length of the lights, find the nearest outlet and start being (…even more) creative.

In both cases, possibilities are literally endless

Can you hang fairy lights with tape?

It depends on the tape, but in most cases yes, you can use tape to hang fairy lights. The tape should be strong enough to hold the lights. If the tape is too thin it will not be strong enough to hold the lights. 

Even though every tape can be useful, it’s best to use the transparent one since it’s colorless and practically invisible to the naked eye.

Here’s a quick guide on how to hang fairy lights with tape:

  1. Decide where you want to put the fairy lights
  2. Cut the tape into equal pieces and stick them halfway onto the nearest desk (or any useful object), so you can easily use them
  3. Place the lights on the wall with one hand, and use previously cut tape to stick them onto the wall
  4. Continue doing that until you get the shape of the decoration you want

How to hang fairy lights without nails?

Nails are not practical and leave marks on the walls.

If you don’t have nails or you don’t want to use them, it’s best to use (previously mentioned) command strips. They’re quite practical, and you won’t damage the walls. If you’re not able to use neither nails nor command strips – use thumbtacks or transparent tape.

In some cases, you can place them without using the lights themselves! If you’ve got a lot of furniture, paintings, and decoration on your walls, you can easily place fairy lights on and throughout the objects with no further needs to stabilize them. The sky is the limit!


In conclusion, fairy lights are beautiful, practical, and fun. They add color to your home, give it a magical feel and improve your mood. They’re not popular for no reason!

We hope you learned how to hang fairy lights on the wall and gave you inspiration for your next creative venture.

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