How To Charge Solar Lights Without Sun – 5 Different Ways (2023)

If you’re wondering how to charge solar lights without sun you’re in the right place! Solar lights have become very popular and there are many reasons to love them, but it is no fun when there’s no sun.

Fortunately, there are some ways to save the situation and charge them. In this article, you’ll be able to check out some tips and tricks that will help you!

How to charge solar lights without sun

Solar lights should be clean and well-positioned to be properly charged, but there are artificial sources of light to help us charge them when there’s no sun.

Solar lights have become very popular these days because they provide the same benefits as regular lighting fixtures with various proses. They help people to save electricity and to be more eco-friendly. Under regular circumstances, they will be recharged very easily with the help of the sun, but the situation is not always that simple.

There are two scenarios that can cause problems charging your solar lights. The first is insufficient sun, and the second is a complete lack of sun.

First, we’ll go over tips for what to do when the sun is present, but there’s not enough of it to charge your lights.

Solution #1


Be careful how you position your solar lights. There should be no obstacles between the rays of the sun and the solar lights. This is especially important in winter when there is not enough sun anyway, and the lights need to be charged for 8-10 hours under the sun for optimal results.

Solution #2


Make sure your solar lights are clean! Dust can be a barrier between the sun and the solar lights, preventing your lights from charging properly. You should rub it gently using a cloth and clean water. It’s pretty simple and it does the necessary job.

This is especially relevant when there’s a lack of sunshine because the dust will prevent even the little sun that is there.

Solution #3


If your solar panels are in the shade you will need to redirect the sun. A great trick with a mirror that will simply reflect the sun in the desired direction will help you here. You just need to make sure that the mirrors you use for this purpose are large, even twice as large as the panels themselves.

However, the question remains, how to charge solar lights without sun at all? Luckily, there are artificial light sources that will mimic the effect of much-needed sunlight.

Solution #4

Incandescent bulb

A good old incandescent bulb will serve as a decent substitute for the sun’s rays. You just need to position the solar lights underneath the bulb, and the closer the bulb is to the panels the more efficient the charging will be.

Solution #5

LED lights

If you’re in a situation of not having an indoor source of light, the best option is to use LED flashlights.

This is especially beneficial if you’re camping or participating in similar activities.

For this charging method, it will take 10-12 hours to fully charge. Any battery-operated LED light will do the same.

Here’s a quick and useful video on how to charge solar lights without sun.


Considering that charging is one of the most common reasons for skepticism about solar lights, these tips and tricks may remove your doubts about this way of lighting.

If you’ve already been introduced to numerous advantages of solar lights, such as low electricity bills or the fact that they operate with a renewable source of energy, this could be just another plus.

Now that you know that there are a few answers on how to charge solar lights without sun, you might just decide on solar panels. 

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