How To Change Bulbs in Pot Lights: 6 Easy Steps (2023)

If you’re wondering how to change bulbs in pot lights this is the right article for you. They have been popular for a long time, so when purchasing a new house, one of the most common updates is to install pot lights in the majority of the rooms.

Many of us struggle with where to begin when we think about adding new lighting options to our homes, but these lights are worth the investment. Pot lights are situated directly into the ceiling so it may seem difficult to change (or remove) their bulbs.

People even hesitate to install them because they think that changing bulbs is a mission impossible.

However, following clear instructions, this job can be done very quickly and efficiently. Let’s check out the exact procedure.

6 steps on how to change bulbs in pot lights 

Changing bulbs in pot lights is actually a very easy job and you don’t need any advanced tool except for your own hands, ladder, and possibly a flat screwdriver.

Even if you have done this before we’ll still provide you with a guide that will help you do the job quicker and easier.

Let’s find out how to change bulbs in pot lights in just a few simple steps.

1. Place and secure the ladder

Since pot lights are installed high on your ceiling you will probably need a ladder to reach the light. Prepare a ladder and make sure that it is placed firmly and securely. Place the ladder in a position where you will be able to reach the light without difficulty. Secure the ladder in place using either ropes or chains if you feel there is a need to do so. When you’ve done that climb the ladder.

2. Remove the outer ring

Remove the outer ring of the slot by separating it from the ceiling. Wiggling the frame around will help you separate the slot from the ceiling more easily. In case you can’t do it with your own hands, use a razor knife or a flat screwdriver for separation. You may not need these tools, but it’s good to have them on hand just in case the slot won’t come off easily.

3. Pull it out from all sides

After you have separated the slot from the ceiling, try to pull it out from all sides. You will need to use a bit of strength in order to remove it, but don’t be too harsh. 

4. Remove the bulb

The time has come to remove the bulb itself from the slot. Push it gently through the slot in the direction away from you and it will come out easily. You will be left with the bulb only hanging from the ceiling.

5. Install a new bulb

To install a new bulb, twist the old bulb in an anticlockwise direction and install the new bulb.

6. Put everything back together

Put the new bulb in the slot and push everything together back into the ceiling. Make sure everything is in place, stable and secure.

There you go, you replaced the old bulb from your pot light with the brand new one, and it was pretty easy and fast!


In conclusion, it’s important to know that bulb replacement is a simple task, even if we speak about changing bulbs in the pot lights. You just need to follow the steps from above and take care of your own safety.

If you’re still not sure how to change bulbs in pot lights, then you should find a professional who will help you.

We simply love the pot lights. They are designed to illuminate the entire area while making your floor more spacious thanks to the optical effect of top-down illumination. There’s no reason why someone wouldn’t want to have them, especially now that you know how easy it is to replace their bulbs.

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