How To Add Can Lights To An Existing Circuit (6 Easy Steps)

If you’re planning to add some extra light to your space, you may find yourself struggling to figure out how to add can lights to an existing circuit. Since these lights are installed in the opening of your ceiling, many homeowners don’t know the best way to add them to an existing circuit by themselves.

Luckily, this doesn’t have to bother you cause we’re here to guide you through adding can lights to an existing circuit.

How to add can lights to an existing circuit (existing ceiling)

In the following 6 simple steps, there’s an explanation of how to add can lights to an existing circuit starting with precautionary measures, through making a hole and connecting wires, until checking the correctness of the work done.

Pot light not fully integrated in ceiling

1. Take precautions

In order to start any operation involving electricity you must first turn off the current to the circuit. This way you will prevent any risk of electrocution.

2. Find the perfect spot for adding new lights

When deciding where to put new fixtures, be aware of any surrounding objects that could interfere with them, such as other lighting fixtures, pieces of furniture, or any other equipment.

Shortly said, your new lights shouldn’t be blocked by anything nearby.

3. Create a hole in your ceiling.

If you want a new light (if you’re not replacing the current one), you will need to make a new hole in the ceiling. The easiest way to do this is by using drywall or a hole saw.

4. Join the wires

Now you need to run the wires from the previous existing circuit to the new location where you made the hole and join the belonging wires.

When we say belonging wires, we mean connecting white neutral wires, copper ground wires, and black power wires together. Use a junction box for this job.

5. Install new can lights

Finally, it’s time to install your new can lights in the hole. Position the junction box into the ceiling bed. Engage the clamps following manufacturer guidelines and place the light fixture into the housing. 

6. Reconnect the power

When you’re done with the installation, reconnect the electricity and check if everything works as it should. 

Can I add recessed lights to the existing circuit?

Yes, you can add recessed lights to the existing circuit, and it’s a pretty easy job because all you need to do is replace existing recessed lights and use the wiring that’s already there. 

The great thing is that this job is much easier if you are working on an existing circuit instead of a new one (even though it can be more expensive).

This way you can do the job yourself without calling a professional electrician. But it is important to note that you must call him if you doubt your skills.

How do you add more lights to a circuit?

You can add more lights to a circuit by creating a new hole in your ceiling, joining the belonging wires, and installing new lights. 

Learn more about it in the 6 steps explained above. There you will find the specific details.

Final words

In conclusion, in order to understand how to add can lights to an existing circuit, it is important to know what you are dealing with. You need to have patience, knowledge, tools, and a pair of safe hands.

A lot of times, when you’re trying to complete a task you haven’t done before, you may realize in the middle of a job that you are not prepared enough, that you do not have enough tools, or that you are not capable of completing the task.

Now that you have read this guide, you will avoid all of these complications and immediately know what you are in for.

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