How Tall Should Buffet Lamps Be?

How tall should buffet lamps be, or their general appearance and style are some of the most frequent questions about this kind of lamp.

Let’s do the quick basics first, though.

Buffet lamps, commonly known as sideboard lamps, are light fixtures generally extended upwards. Their intention is to spread the lighting over your table while having a meal and drink at the party. They are capable of providing subtle lighting, focused on the part of the table that needs to be lightened, without adding too much drama.

You can often notice them while attending someone’s private party or in the local restaurants. In case you’re wondering about placing them in your own home, you would obviously want to check some basic information about them.

How tall should buffet lamps be?

Standard buffet lamps usually stand 32 to 36 inches high. You can always find the slightly shorter and higher versions.

The best range for the combined height of the lamp and the surface is 58 to 64 inches. With having this information, you will always know desired proportions in your mind, no matter how tall your table is.

People often use buffet lamps on the kitchen tables for practical reasons and because they look elegant placed next to food. With knowing that, you must be aware that the lamp and the food are not supposed to create a barrier to each other.

You want to achieve safe serving food from the top, without thinking about creating a mess.

If you estimate that the buffet lamp could become an obstacle between the food and your guest’s plate, there are also buffets that are 38 inches tall, that you can find in the market. 

What is a buffet lamp used for?

Although they are most often used for food serving, there are no strict rules for their usage.

Buffet lamps are decorative items and any table will profit from a bit extra oomph, without going overboard.

Where could you place buffet lamps?

A buffet lamp can be used in the dining room, living room, hallway, and bedroom. It is a simple design that can easily be matched with any style of the room. They are pleasant to the eye, their lighting is not eccentric and they create a beautiful atmosphere whether you use it for your guests or for yourself.

If you are worried about not having too much free space for another item in your house, don’t worry! Buffet lamps won’t take up much space since they are already positioned on the desk and they don’t need a surface just for themselves. Feel free to place it on your favorite serving table.

Buffet lamps are practical and they always look nice, and you’re free to place them wherever you want.

At this moment you have plenty of appropriate desks, tables, console tables, or buffets where you can place them, that’s for sure.

Do you need two lamps on a buffet?

Having two lamps on a buffet is not a necessity, but if you’re aiming for some special style, go for it. If you want to achieve a symmetrical style you can place them on opposite corners, or you can use two of them if you think your table looks sparse.

After all, everything is it’s up to your personal preferences and wishes. 

Are buffet lamps still in style?

Yes, they are!

We believe buffet-style lamps are one of the most versatile decor pieces out there. They can make a statement, blend into their surroundings, communicate with different elements, or simply add something special that lacks to make a comfortable ambiance.

There are different styles and it is impossible to not find a buffet lamp that will not meet your visual expectations. Their long and lean silhouettes can be dressed in any color. 


Buffet lamps are very practical and they will easily blend into the rest of your furniture, no matter where you put them. They look as bold, or as subtle as you want them to look. The light provided by them is very comfortable to the eye and they will emphasize the desired object.

It would be harder to find a surrounding not suitable for a buffet lamp than vice versa. The only crucial thing you need to know about them is how tall should buffet lamps be, but the rest is up to your taste. Buffet lamps will surely cooperate with you!

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