Floor Lamps Vs Table Lamps

Floor lamps and table lamps are the most popular types of lamps.

Those lamps are most commonly used in everyone’s household, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that there have always been some floor lamps vs table lamps dilemmas out there. 

Both floor lamps and table lamps are extremely easy to use and they fit in every room, but there are some objective differences that may indicate which one to choose for which purpose. 

Floor lamps vs table lamps

When we are thinking about what’s better, floor lamps or table lamps, the answer should be logical, it depends on what you need the lamp to do.

To many, the answer to the question, “What should I buy?” seems simple: “The one that looks better.”

The truth is, looks are not the most important thing when it comes to lighting. But it can be the most important thing, and no one should stop you from purchasing something purely because of its visuals. 

The two types of lamps are similar in many ways, but some of the differences in their uses and benefits are more important than you might think.

Firstly, we will discuss floor lamps, when you should opt for them, and their main characteristics. 

Floor lamps

Floor lamps are most often used in living rooms (although they can be used in any other room) and they provide the main ambient lighting. They are the perfect choice for lighting larger areas or creating an atmosphere in hallways and corners.

If you are worried about having too small space, you should opt for a floor lamp. Since they are usually tall and slim, they will not take up much space.

These characteristics will also contribute to making the space seem bigger than it really is.

Table lamps

Table lamps, on the other hand, are a phenomenal choice for creating a warm, soothing, and friendly atmosphere. They provide accent lighting, illuminate dark corners, and they are perfect reading light. You can also play with light layering using table lamps.

Table lamps are also much more often used as work lamps, for various crafts and hobbies that require quality light.

If you have a table that looks empty, it will surely look nicer with a table lamp on it. They are the most useful in bedrooms on nightstands. Avoid the huge ones that could be too big for your table. 

There are also a few sets of rules on decorating with floor and table lamps.

Can you put a table lamp on the floor?

Although it is not intended to place a table lamp on the floor, you can put it wherever you want to, including the floor.

If you’re going to place a table lamp on the floor, you can do so as long as it is stable and does not wobble.

Also, a good designer can make the table lamp on the floor look like it actually belongs on the floor.

Some table lamps are not that short actually, and those ones will be better for the floor than extremely short ones.

If you still want to place your really short table lamp on the floor, you can use some tricks, that will be both useful and look chic, for example, you can place your lamp onto a couple of books to add some dimension and height to it. This way you can easily skip the floor lamps vs table lamps problem, and be your own master of the interior.

Are floor lamps brighter than table lamps?

Floor lamps are usually brighter than table lamps, and the main reason for that would be that they are intended to illuminate the whole room.

They are intended to offer brighter lighting so that’s how they are made.

Table lamps don’t have the capacity to light up the whole space since their purpose is to offer accent lighting, which will be focused on the targeted surrounding area. So, when it comes to choosing a brighter option, the floor lamps vs table lamps case is easily solved.

Do table lamps and floor lamps have to match?

Floor lamps and table lamps do not necessarily have to match in the sense that they must be of the same style and color or have the same manufacturer, but it would be desirable to complement each other.

Table and floor lamp

Try looking for styles, patterns, and colors that enhance each other’s visual characteristics.

Although floor lamps and table lamps do not require a perfect match, it would be nice if their shades and styles were somewhat similar, complete mismatches and contrasts will not look good in any household, be it lamps or anything else. A good rule of thumb is to choose styles that are similar, but not too similar.

Complete mismatches and contrasts will not look good in any household, be it lamps or anything else.

Can you put a floor lamp next to a table lamp?

You can put a floor lamp next to a table lamp, indeed, that’s a very flattering look, but pay attention that the top edges of those two lampshades line up.

By matching floor lamps with table lamps, you can bring a touch of creativity, originality, and good taste into your room. As always, make sure these two styles of lamps complement each other.


Now when we know everything about the topic, it would be quite unthinkable to still have the floor lamps vs table lamps dilemma. Both floor lamps and table lamps are very common and popular, they can complement each other and it is fun to harmonize their aesthetics. However, their purposes are different and each does its job better. 

If you are trying to illuminate the whole space, reach for a floor lamp, but if accent lighting would be in your favor, use a table lamp. In both cases, you will achieve a nice atmosphere and decorate the rooms of your home.

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