Floor Lamps Next To Bed – Where Exactly To Place Them?

A floor lamp is a functional piece of furniture that gives your home a more stylish, warm, and cozy look. It will completely change the ambiance and aesthetic of a room with its simplicity, whether you put it next to the bed or in the living room.

They can also help you accomplish an edgier or Avant-Garde look for your place. 

Since they are so versatile and suitable for every room, their choices are infinite. Their purpose is not only of decorative nature, but they are also very useful items for reading or doing any type of work that might need some extra lighting.

If you decide to purchase one, you will find yourself using it over and over again and questioning yourself where it has been all your life. 

Do you need a floor lamp?

As previously said, floor lamps are a great touch to any room, whether you would like to make your room more fancy and beautiful, or in a need of working on your nightly (or daily) tasks and hobbies.

Before you start purchasing and furnishing a whole new room, think about your needs and what you want to accomplish with the room. You need a floor lamp as much as your room needs it, and by saying that, you must pay attention to some crucial characteristics of your room.

It would be of use to analyze where your room lacks lighting the most (for example, which part of your room will be the most deprived of the main source of light).

If you’re using a floor lamp for reading purposes, then you have to work on improving the lighting around the room to ensure that your reader isn’t straining their eyes. It’s very important to have the right lighting so that you can read the books.

If the place you are trying to lighten is above averagely dark, you might need a higher wattage bulb for your floor lamp. The majority of the floor lamps will profit from a 250 to 350-watt equivalent. Make sure you’re using the right wattage.

Most of the floor lamps you will see on the market are torchieres. They are the most famous and eye-catching. You can recognize them thanks to their torch-like looks with the light directed upwards.

Where do you put a floor lamp in a bedroom?

The bedroom is statistically the favorite room for placing a lamp, and there is a lot of common sense to that fact. That room of your house is most likely to be associated with cosines, relaxing, or even reading, so therefore there is no wonder why would you want to make it look and feel more romantic and pleasurable.

There is no universal answer to where to place a floor lamp in your bedroom, but some suggestions will work better than the other ones. 

Guided by some logic, avoid placing your lamp in a place where it will block passage to you or other ones. The floor lamps are not meant to take up too much of your precious space, and with placing them properly they won’t, since they are smartly and sophisticatedly built. They will always look aesthetically pleasing next to the firesides or couches.

With that in mind, you should also consider the following:

  • your personal preference
  • the size of your room
  • height and type of the floor lamp

If your bedroom doesn’t have a fireside or couch do not worry. Putting floor lamps next to bed will work out just fine. 

How high should lamp be next to bed?

The lamp next to your bed should be about 28″-30″ tall (2-3 inches higher than your nightstand). It should also be at a comfortable height so that it does not get in the way of your nightstand.

Although floor lamps can be used for this purpose, bedside lamps would be an even better choice if you are planning to place your lamp within reach of your bed.

They are much more approachable directly from your bed, they guarantee more stability in this case since their wires are typically placed right on the desk, and the head of the bedside lamp itself sits lower. 

Can a lamp light up a whole room?

The lamp itself can light up a whole room but there is a chance that the lighting won’t be distributed evenly through every corner or inch of your room, by using any lamp.

If you want to have good lighting in your room, you need to make sure that the lighting will not be affected by any obstacle. Keeping that in your mind, you need a higher wattage lamp to make that distribution even because the stronger lighting will defeat all the possible obstacles.

After a long period of use, your lamp bulb might lose its capacity to light up your room due to absorbing too much darkness, and in that scenario, you would just need to replace the old bulb with the new one. 

If you want to get the most out of your lighting, it is important to use a lamp that suits your space. Also, a lamp that has adjustable height is very useful because you can adjust it according to the height of your desk or nightstand. 


In conclusion, the answer is simple; floor lamps improve your home’s look and feel.

They bring soft light and ambiance to your space, which can make any of your rooms a relaxing place. They allow you to customize the lighting in your home to suit your preferences and provide ambient light at night. In other words, they enhance your life and create a better atmosphere.

A good floor lamp is something that you can use every day for the rest of your life. The very important thing to mention is that they are affordable, and you can find the decent quality one even for 50$ (although the prices vary up to a few hundred dollars), so they can be a cheap way to bring color and style into your home.

It doesn’t hurt to add the fact that the lamp bulbs and turned-on lamps are symbols of great ideas, so maybe they will affect you positively through your surroundings.  

Putting floor lamps next to bed will require you to consider a few things, but there’s no universal answer other than – you need to be comfortable.

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