8 Cool Lights For Gaming Room: A Buying Guide [2023]

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When you enter the world of gaming, you need the right lights for the right mood. Let’s face it – when you play a game, it’s not just about the action on the screen, it’s about the environment in which you play.

There is nothing more enjoyable than getting home after a long day and sitting down to play some games with your friends. It can be a relaxing experience, but it’s also a lot of fun. If you want to create a gaming room, then we got some ideas that can help you get started.

These cool lights for gaming room are great for any gamer, but especially those who play games in their bedroom. They are pretty much the ultimate gaming room.

What are gaming room lights?

Gaming room lights are lights that are usually used as ambiance lights when you (and your friends) are playing video games.

The best gaming room lights have several features, including adjustable brightness, different modes, color temperature (how warm or cool the light is), and dimming controls.

Lighting is something that can make or break a game experience, especially for those who play for hours on end.

Whether you’re playing games like Call of Duty or you prefer to relax in front of the television, you want your lighting to be at its best to ensure you get the most out of your gaming experience.

8 cool lights for gaming room

BlissLights Sky Lite 2.0 – RGB LED Laser Star Projector 

BlissLights Sky Lite 2.0
✔️ RGB nebula cloud (starry night effect)
✔️ Controllable via app
✔️ Rotatable lighting effect
➖ Could cover up more space

We’ll start the cool lights for gaming room topic straight off with a banger.

Sky Lite 2.0 features multiple color palettes and RGB effects and lets you choose the color of light and how bright you want it. In a matter of seconds, Sky Lite 2.0 turns any room into a starry night.

Instantly project a field of drifting GREEN stars against a transforming RGB nebula cloud.

All you have to do is download the app and you can control the projector through it.

If you don’t want or can’t control this projector via the app, you can do so on the projector itself by clicking the buttons.

In this way you can easily and remotely adjust the brightness, select various effects and start/stop the rotation of the lights. Isn’t that great?

It’s easy to use, too, thanks to an intuitive, automatic setting mode. Just place the projector where you want the show to begin, and the sky will appear instantly. Needless to say that this LED laser star projector will light up your life. 

The light is great, but it doesn’t cover as much space as we would like and as much as it looks in the official images of the product itself.

Star Projector, Rossetta Galaxy Projector for Bedroom

Star Projector, Rossetta Galaxy
✔️ 16 colors and lively stars
✔️ Bluetooth speaker
✔️ White noise machine
✔️ Auto-off timer function
➖ Pre-installed sounds are looped, and not as amazing as it’s presented

The Star Projector brings the magic of the stars to your bedroom.

It offers 16 colors and creates a more realistic experience as compared to regular projectors. You can enjoy the Northern Lights by projecting a dynamic starlight sky and beautiful aurora effects on the ceiling with the Rossetta Galaxy Star Projector.

But this projector is not just a projector, it has a 3in1 function!

Rosetta Galaxy projector is also a Bluetooth speaker and white noise machine.

A very practical thing is that you can activate it with your voice. A great feature is that it can sync with the music and create a disco effect that is great for your next party (flashing on and off).

It also comes with 8 different pre-installed soothing sounds that create a nice atmosphere: soft music, morning, sea, forest, rain, lullaby, stream, and a bonfire. However, the sounds are looped and they could’ve been better. 

Of course, everything function and option can be controlled using a remote control. 

It also has an auto-off timer function that you can set to 1 or 2 hours. If you do not adjust at all and leave it on, it will turn itself off in 4 hours.

Magiacous Smart Light Bars RGB Flow Gaming Light Bar

Magiacous Smart Light Bars
✔️ 9 presets, 6 fixed and 4 music modes
✔️ Controlable via app
✔️ Both vertical and horizontal placement
✔️ Auto-off timer function
➖ Could be a little bit brighter

Magiacous smart light bars are a great thing that every gamer who wants to have an atmospherically lit gaming room should have.

The package includes 2 LED bars that you can position wherever you want, but they are usually placed behind the TV or monitor, with the light directed towards the wall, thus illuminating the surrounding area and creating a cool ambiance. They can stand both vertically and horizontally.

You can connect the light with the Smart Life application and thus very easily customize colors, change effects, and much more. 

You can choose between 9 preset, 6 fixed, and 4 music rhythm modes.

What we would single out is the music rhythm mode by which light responds to the rhythm of the music, which is great for parties and gatherings accompanied by music!

It also has an automatic shut-off timer that you can set yourself from 0 to 24 hours, even in minutes. 

Regardless of the fact that the lights only serve to create a slightly lit ambiance, it would still be better if they were brighter.

LED Lights for Bedroom 100 ft FONEWE Music Sync

Led Lights for Bedroom
✔️ Over 16 million colors
✔️ 28 dynamic modes
✔️ Smart music mode
✔️ Controllable via app
➖ /

Strip lights are already a well-known thing that you can’t miss if you want to have a cool gaming room. They are adaptable and evergreen.

These RGB-led strip lights are in a form of 2 rolls. You can choose between a total light length of 100 and 32 ft.

Since the strip lights are long, you will be able to illuminate the entire room without any problems. You can even reuse LED strip lights if you take them off.

The lights can be very easily cut and adjusted to your room and appliances.

You can control the lights via the app, which also has a timer function, 28 dynamic modes, and over 16 million colors.

Strip lights have a smart music mode, as well as a previously reviewed product, and in this way, the lights will change to the rhythm of the music!

There is no specific flaw in led strip lights. It basically is what you see is what you get.

Learn more about changing the color of LED lights.

Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit – NL28-2003TW-9PK

✔️ High quality
✔️ Over 16 million colors (1200-6500K)
✔️ Pairable with Siri, Alexa, OK Google…
✔️ Screen mirror and music mode
➖ A high price

We present you definitely the highest quality piece of equipment that we will present in this blog post – Nanoleaf will create a great ambiance in any space, especially gaming.

You can connect up to 30 panels and control them with one controller.

A total of over 16 million colors with temperatures ranging from 1,200 to 6,500 kelvins. The light intensity can also be adjusted.

The Nanoleaf Rhythm module is a feature by which lights perfectly respond to music. With this, you can have a great light show.

You can even pair it with everyday Smarthome equipment like Siri, OK Google, and Alexa.

It features an immersive screen mirror that creates an amazing multi-sensory experience. This way you can reflect what you have on the screen to the panels themselves using the Nanoleaf desktop app.

The package includes 9 panels, 9 linkers, 9 mounting stencils, and 28 mounting strips. No matter how it sounds like a lot of things to put together, it’s actually very simple and intuitive.

We recommend this cool light to creative gamers! You can position and connect the lights themselves in countless different ways, and additionally control the lights via the controller.

The price is quite high, that is the only complaint, but it could be said that it is justified in terms of quality.

This one certainly is among the best cool lights for gaming room.

Corsair iCUE LT100 Smart Lighting Tower Starter Kit

Corsair iCUE LT100 Smart Lighting Tower
✔️ Each tower has 46 LED lights
✔️ 11 modes (presets)
✔️ Headset holder included
✔️ iCUE software for customization
➖ /

The Corsair smart lighting tower kit is the perfect choice for any gamer who wants to extend and dynamically synchronize the light with on-screen colors and action in games.

Both towers are 422 millimeters high and each contains 46 LED lights inside that can be changed practically however you want.

It also contains 11 modes or presets that will surely delight you, because you can change between them every now and then so that it is not always the same.

For the best experience, we recommend positioning them symmetrically next to the TV and monitor. It will transform your room into a phenomenal gaming experience.

You can quickly change mods by clicking on the tower base itself. If you want to further adjust the settings, you can do so by connecting the lights to the iCUE software.

In addition, you will get a headset holder that you can attach to the tower itself, thus further saving space by positioning the headset directly on the lighting tower.

Corsair iCUE LT100 is our top choice out of all cool lights for gaming room.

LED Lights for TV 60-70 Inch,14.7ft TV Light Strip

LED Lights for TV
✔️ USB powered
✔️ Controllable via app
✔️ React to music (music mode)
✔️ A great gift
➖ Issues with strips falling off after a certain time

Want some cheap cool lights for gaming room?

These fantastic LED lights for TV are a great option. They work on a USB power principle and since we’re talking about Nexlux TV backlight this is of great quality.

There are no wires in the corners.

This is an amazing item for tired and ill eyes because it will reduce your eye fatigue. With a hassle-free app, you can control the TV backlight from any location. The only thing you need to do is to download the app that will connect with your mobile phone automatically after activating Bluetooth.

Also, you can turn the light on or off with the timer option which can be found in the app.

These 14.7FT lights are long enough to cover every side of your TV. This concept is safe for usage and very easy to install. The receiver is very small, discrete, and practical so you can hide it successfully behind the TV.

About the positioning, you can count on buckle clips that will keep everything in place. You don’t need to worry about everything sliding down.

There is a possibility of syncing the lights with the music throughout the app. This is a super fun mood for the parties. You can dance and enjoy while experiencing a game of lights and music. The lights will change the colors according to the rhythm and melodies changes.

You are free to use these Nuxlux USB LED strip lights anywhere and you can connect them with any device with a 5V USB output, be it a computer, laptop, car charger, iPhone, or Android wall charger, you name it.

Purchase this as a gift for yourself or your loved ones.

We had some issues with the strip sticking long-term to the TV. Since it was a permanent fixture we used some super glue to help it out. All is good now.

There were some problems with the strip staying on the TV for a long time. We glued it on and made sure it was in the right spot once more.

Paladone Playstation Icons Light with 3 Light Modes

Paladone Playstation Icons Light
✔️ For PS fans
✔️ 3 lighting modes
✔️ Responds to music
✔️ A great gift and conversation starter
➖ Could have a better rhythm sensor for music

In the end, we chose something symbolic primarily for all PlayStation fans (and fans of other consoles and PCs).

Paladone PlayStation lights are in the form of legendary icons from PlayStation controllers: triangles, circles, crosses, and squares.

It has 3 different lighting modes, and responds to music, although not too well.

It’s the perfect conversation starter when you’re having your next gaming night or party.

Also, it’s a great gift choice, especially for die-hard PlayStation fans. You can put batteries in it and it can also be charged via USB.

FAQ about cool lights for gaming room

What do you need to make a cool gaming room?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the stuff you need to buy. But, if you’re looking to create a gaming room, here’s what you need.

First, you need a space. Whether you have a room or just a space in your house, the best gaming rooms have a lot of character. It’s about creating a good atmosphere.

Think about the type of games you play, and choose the lighting to match. For example, if you mainly play role-playing games, you’ll want to pick a light that is a bit darker than normal. If you play a lot of first-person shooters, a brighter light would be ideal.

A good gaming room is a place where you can relax and unwind. You’ll want to create an area that is comfortable and that feels like a retreat. You can use this space to relax, or you can use it to play games.

You can also read more about indirect LED lighting ideas that will work well both in the gaming room and in other rooms of your home.

Why use gaming room lights?

Here are a few reasons why using gaming room lights in your space is better than traditional LED lighting.

They are visually appealing

These lights are more visually appealing, because they provide better illumination and color, with better contrast ratios.

They create an atmospheric environment

They also create a more atmospheric environment, thanks to their ability to recreate light sources, such as sunlight, moonlight, and the stars. And the best part about these lights is that they have a built-in dimming feature.

They are great conversation starters

We cannot fail to mention the social aspect of these lights. They are simply cool and leave you speechless (full intended).

Your friends or guests who come to the gaming evening will surely be enchanted by the brilliant atmosphere that these lights provide whether you are playing consoles or pc.

Tips for selecting gaming room lights

Selecting gaming room lighting is often a decision made for aesthetic reasons rather than functional ones.

When purchasing gaming room lights, make sure that you choose something that you like or that your guests will enjoy. 

You can’t go wrong with LED strip lights

LED strip lights are already a well-known thing that you will hardly go wrong with.

The reasons for this are that you can put them practically wherever you want. You can cut, join, lightly remove and change them. Some of the ideas are to put them in the corners of the walls, behind the TV, or on the shelves with books, but that is already a topic for another post.

Use symmetry to your advantage

If we are talking about LED bars, which you usually get 2 in a package, we must also mention symmetry.

To achieve a visually pleasing atmosphere, position the elements symmetrically on each side of the monitor or TV. So the light effect will be one on both sides.

There’s no right or wrong

Regardless of specific proposals and some general rules, there is no right or wrong. Be creative, experiment, and create the most suitable environment for yourself. Maybe you will be even more satisfied with this original and not already seen approach.


In conclusion, the key to creating a memorable experience is to provide a fun and exciting environment. If you want to ensure you create the best possible gaming space, then you should consider purchasing the best gaming lights.

As we can see, there are many different benefits to using the best gaming lights, all of which should contribute to providing a more enjoyable gaming experience. From saving money to reducing eye strain, gaming lights are a must-have.

In this post, we reviewed different types of cool lights for gaming room, so we’re sure you’ve found something that interests you as well.

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