Can You Spray Paint Lamp Shade?

Changing the color of the lamp shade can be done in different ways, but can you spray paint lamp shade?

A lamp shade can go a long way toward defining a room’s vibe. There are many different styles and patterns available. 

It is quite normal that after a while the color of the lamp shade can be boring and we want to refresh the spatial ambiance in various ways, including changing the color of the  hade. 

In this post, I’ll share with you exactly how to spray paint lamp shades and make them look just like you bought them from a high-end store. Let’s get into it!

Can you spray paint lamp shade?

Yes, spray painting is a completely safe, reliable, and easy method of changing the color of lamp shades. The fabric of the lamp shade can withstand spray paint without any difficulty or additional problems, so you don’t have to worry about it. 

We recommend taking a lamp shade apart from its base, so you don’t accidentally spray paint the base itself or other parts of a lamp. If you can’t do that, no worries, you can use painter’s tape to make sure certain parts are safe. If you don’t have painter’s tape just be extra careful, that will also do!

People have been doing it for years without any problems.

However, if you are going to do this, we’ve got some tips and tricks for spray painting the lampshade:

Safety first

To avoid accidentally spraying paint on your hands, use gloves! Also, keep a sufficient distance from the spray and make sure that the spray is pointing in the right direction. 

Spray paint outside of the house

It is best to use spray paint outdoors, to make sure not to accidentally paint something you do not want. Take a spray, a lampshade, and get to work (one can of spray is more than enough for this purpose).

Use painter’s tape 

This step is optional.

Use painter’s tape if a lamp shade has any parts that you don’t want to be covered. Tape is also great for covering the inside of a lamp shade that has a lining. If there are no individual parts of the lamp to look out for, feel free to ignore this part.

Use spray paint the right way

This is the most important part in order to correctly spray paint lamp shade.

Before use, shake the spray paint can and start applying the spray paint at the same speed around the entire lamp shade.

This will ensure an even color concentration on each part of the lamp shade. 

If you spray on certain parts of the lamp longer than on others, the color can become more intense and even leak, which is certainly not a good thing.

Leave it to dry

Congratulations, you did it!

Finally, all you have to do is allow the lamp shade to dry on newsprint, piece of cardboard, or some other substrate that doesn’t matter if it gets dirty. If you are not happy with the color, feel free to repeat the process.

Spray paint is a fairly permanent finish. When done correctly, the process will leave the lamp shade with a durable finish that can last for years.


If your lamp shades aren’t what you want them to be, you don’t have to buy new ones – change them! This will make the room look more welcoming and cozy, and will also help you get motivated to keep your home in tip-top shape. Of course, you can change your shades by purchasing new ones but you also can DIY the whole thing by painting the shades.

We hope we managed to provide the answer to the “Can you spray paint lamp shade” question. Feel free to comment down below if you have any questions.

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