8 Best Pendant Lights For Bathroom: Top Picks & FAQ (2023)

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In order to select the best pendant lights for bathroom, you have to consider the bathroom space, as well as your personal style, taste, and budget.

There is no room for mistakes when it comes to bathroom lighting design and implementation. A well-lit bathroom will ensure that you are able to enjoy your daily routine without discomfort or inconvenience.

People love decorating their bathrooms in various ways. Many choose to go for the classic look, but others love the modern look and still, others are looking for something unique.

Where to place pendant lights in a bathroom?

You can place the pendant light practically anywhere in the bathroom, but good practice is to place it 1.5 to 2.5 feet from the ceiling.

It is also necessary to be careful when installing because pendant lights should not be close to any source of water (such as a bathtub, sink, etc.). The exception is resistant and safe light fixtures that have the so-called ingress protection (IP rating).

Bathroom fixtures are often placed in an effort to make a room feel larger or add a touch of luxury. However, pendant lights can be used to highlight certain elements in a space without taking up too much room. Pendant lights can be used to make an existing bathroom look larger, or even to make a small bathroom feel more spacious.

What to consider when choosing the best pendant lights for bathroom?

Style of the bathroom

The style of the pendant lights itself must match the style of the bathroom. It would not be appropriate to take a farmhouse pendant light and place it in a bathroom with a completely minimalist and modern style.

If you cannot judge for yourself whether the style of the lamp will suit your bathroom, you can look at the description of the lamp before you buy it.

Size of the fixture

Simply put – small bathrooms, small lighting; large bathrooms, large (or numerous) lighting. Do not overestimate or underestimate yourself.

A large light can feel overwhelming in a small bathroom, while a small light can make a large bathroom seem empty.

You might think this step goes without saying, but if you get down to the business of choosing the right style and number of fixtures, you’ll see that finding the sweet spot isn’t so easy.

Find the appropriate color 

Use similar or complementary colors. Don’t experiment too much. Proven combinations work for a reason.

If we really have to single out some colors, they would be brass and chrome – precisely because they suit most bathrooms with their inconspicuousness and neutrality.

My personal opinion is that you should avoid any colors that are too bright and primary. You don’t want to make the room look like a neon-lit nightclub. That’s exactly why brass, chrome, shades of grey, cream, beige, and white work. The color scheme can be light and neutral, with an emphasis on the walls and ceiling rather than the floor and furniture.

How to hang pendant lights in a bathroom?

The two most common ways to hang pendant lights in a bathroom are:

  • In the middle of the room – to illuminate the entire bathroom
  • Above the sink – it should not fall over the mirror or the sink

Don’t worry if they are too long, they certainly can be shortened.

Our top picks

Untrammelife 1-Light Teardrop Crystal Pendant Light



Untrammelife 1-Light Teardrop Crystal Pendant Light

Jaw-dropping design

No visible wiring

Handcrafted brushed brass

StyleMaterialBulb baseMax wattage (W)
Modern, minimalistMetal, crystalNot applicableNot applicable

The Untrammelife Teardrop Light Fixtures seem like a chic and contemporary choice for lighting requirements. The teardrop shape is distinctive and would give any area a unique flair. The dimmable feature is a fantastic addition because it enables illumination customization and flexibility.

This is a wonderful option for people wishing to give their bathroom a bit of elegance.

It’s great that you can choose between different colors: brush brass, brush gold, gold, polished nickel, polished silver, and silver.

Inside the pendant is a sphere that represents a 3D constellation. Very unique and original.

You don’t have to worry about the duration of the light because it lasts 50,000 hours with a light intensity of 590 LMS. It emits 3K warm light.

It’s really hard to find any downside to this lighting pendant. That’s why we picked it as a first on our list of best pendant lights for bathroom. It certainly isn’t going out of style – quite the contrary.

XiNBEi Pendant Lighting



XiNBEi Lighting Pendant Lighting

Simple design

Double glass shade

Adjustable height

Smaller than it seems at first

StyleMaterialBulb baseMax wattage (W)
Classic, modernMetal, glassE2660

XiNBEi is a lighting pendant with a simple design and a classic modern look.

It is made of metal and is characterized by the fact that it has a double glass shade. You can adjust its height yourself because the rod is adjustable.

Precisely because of these characteristics that exude visual neutrality, it will be a great addition to your bathroom

The maximum wattage of the socket is 60 watts. You can place a medium base bulb (E26) inside it. The installation is not overly complicated – you get all the material and the instructions are quite clear.

At first, it may seem smaller than it actually is, so be careful about the size! Its dimensions are W: 4-7/8″ x H: 58-3/8″.

FRIXCHUR Crystal Pendant Light



Frixchur pendant light

Mini chandelier

Adjustable height

Puts out

Not UL rated

Ceiling plate too small for standard mounts

StyleMaterialBulb baseMax wattage (W)
ModernSteel, glassE2660

Frixchur is a pendant light that has a great price/quality ratio. It is characterized by a modern and retro look at the same time. Due to its crystals, it’s practically a mini chandelier.

It’s made of stainless steel and glass and its height is adjustable, with a maximum of 47 inches (120 cm).

If you want to order this pendant light for your bathroom, prepare a classic E26 bulb, because it does not come in a set. It can be incandescent, LED, or CFL.

If you’re looking for a budget option, look no more. This mini chandelier is great value for the money.

It can even be completely dimmed if you have the appropriate light bulb and dimmer switch (pay attention to the maximum of 60w). With it, you also get a three-year warranty.

if your bathroom has more mirrors or more glass material in general, this light fixture will blend in perfectly with the surroundings!

AKEZON Modern Glass Pendant Light


Oil-brushed aluminum finish

High-temperature resistant

Easy installation

Comes without a bulb

StyleMaterialBulb baseMax wattage (W)
Contemporary, cleanAluminumE2660

For those searching for a functional and fashionable light for their bathroom, the AKEZON Modern Glass Pendant Light is a fantastic choice. The product is a terrific addition to any bathroom because it has a sleek, contemporary appearance.

What makes this lighting fixture stand out from the majority in this review is certainly the black color and oil-brushed aluminum finish.

This light’s adaptability is one of its best qualities. You may easily change the light’s height to suit your needs by adjusting it to different positions. This is especially helpful for activities like grooming and cosmetics application. Each light has a classic E26 base and its maximum wattage is 60W. You can use LED, incandescent, or CFL bulbs.

With all the required hardware and installation instructions included, the light is extremely simple to install. Most people with a basic understanding of DIY projects can complete the installation process because it is simple.

Glassland Pendant Lighting


Glassland Pendant Lighting

Marble glass shade

A life span of more than 10 years

Nickel finish

A bit tricky to install

StyleMaterialBulb baseMax wattage (W)
ModernSteel, glassE2660

Glassland Pendant Light is a sleek light that adds a touch of luxury to any bathroom with its brushed nickel finish and marbleized glass shade.

The high quality of the materials utilized in this product is one of its distinguishing qualities. The thick and well-made glass shade ensures durability and lifespan. The overall design is enhanced by the high-quality, beautiful brushed nickel finish.

With this light, installation is also a breeze. It comes with all the required hardware and instructions and it’s easy to set it up. 

The ambient lighting provided by the Glassland Pendant Light is ideal for daily grooming and other activities. It also gives your bathroom a contemporary and stylish feel.

In conclusion, anyone searching for a chic and contemporary light for their bathroom should definitely consider the Glassland Pendant Light. High-quality components, simple installation, and UL listing make it a fantastic value.

With it’s uniqueness, this one certainly earned its space among the best pendant lights for bathroom.

MonDaufie 2 Pack Gold Crystal Pendant Light


MonDaufie 2 Pack Gold Crystal Pendant Light

Unique light dispersion

Adjustable height

Made of premium crystal

Wires are not color coded

StyleMaterialBulb baseMax wattage (W)
Classic, antiqueMetal, crystalE2660

MonDaufie is a set of lighting pendants with a classic and stylish look. This is due to the gold finish and tiny crystals arranged around the base of the light.

It is made of metal and the already mentioned crystals.

The cord can be adjusted, with a maximum of 70″. The maximum wattage is 60W, while the bulb base is a classic E26.

If you have a dimmer switch, great – because it is compatible with dimmers.

All in all, excellent pendant lighting, which we would recommend to anyone with a more retro look than a modern and minimalist bathroom.

You also get clear instructions on exactly how to install it. In addition, you have a guarantee for 1 year and 30 days of free return!

If we have to complain about something, it would be that the wires are not color coded. If you plan to install it yourself, know that.

OUVR 1-Pack Pendant Lighting


OUVR 1-Pack Pendant Lighting

Clean rustic design

Adjustable height

Compatible with LED, CFL, etc.

Thin metal top that feels cheap

StyleMaterialBulb baseMax wattage (W)
Farmhouse, rusticAluminum, glassE2660

If you want to give your property a little bit of rustic character, the OUVR Lighting Farmhouse Light Fixture seems like a fantastic choice.

Customization and the ability to direct light where it is most required are made possible by the adjustable function. The fixture’s design adheres to the prevalent farmhouse style, making it a fashionable and useful option for anyone seeking such a look.

As for the bulbs, the socket is compatible with E26 bases. You can use incandescent, LED, CFL, and even halogen bulbs, with a wattage of no more than 60.

A very nice choice for bathrooms of houses that go for the farmhouse style.

In terms of quality, it feels a bit cheap, as the metal top half is very thin. But it is certainly a good price-quality ratio.

OUVR Pendant Lighting


OUVR Pendant Lighting

Neutral & minimalist look

Adjustable height

UL & CUL listed

Glass is easily breakable

StyleMaterialBulb baseMax wattage (W)

We end this review with OUVR pendant lighting.

Quite decent lighting with a modern and farmhouse look, with a matte black finish.

It has an adjustable cord (from 35 to 73.5 inches) that you can adjust however you want.

It works great with all E26 bulbs (maximum of 60W), but does not come with a bulb in the package. We definitely recommend that you do not take a classic-looking bulb with this, but an Edison!

The light is UL and CUL listed.

Regardless of the listed qualities, the quality of the material is not particularly good, so be careful with handling.


Can you use a pendant light in a bathroom?

Yes, you can use a pendant light in a bathroom.

Adding pendants to your bathroom lighting can create a soothing atmosphere while offering functional benefits such as reducing the glare from your vanity mirror.

To achieve the same effect without adding an excessive amount of overhead lighting, consider using pendant lighting in a bathroom over traditional lights mounted directly to the ceiling.

What type of light fixture is the best for the bathroom?

Pendant lights or recessed lighting are the best lighting fixtures for the bathroom.

Whether or not you should choose one light over another depends mostly on your aesthetic preferences.

The most important thing is to select a lighting fixture that you like and that fits in well with the overall look of your bathroom. If you are a little more adventurous, you can create a very dramatic effect in your bathroom by using different types of lighting fixtures.

You can use an overhead lighting fixture with a clear glass top to add some visual interest to the room. You can use a large-scale pendant light to create a more romantic atmosphere. You can also hang a chandelier above a bathroom vanity to create a warm, soft glow.

It all depends on how creative you are.

What is the best light tone to install in a bathroom or washroom?

Cool-white is the best light tone to install in a bathroom or washroom. Its color temperature ranges from 3500 to 5000K. 

Lighting in a bathroom or washroom should help to illuminate the area by making it look fresh and clean. It shouldn’t be harsh, glaring, or distracting. It should be bright enough to see well but not so bright that it hurts your eyes.

Cool-white lighting creates an environment that is clear, pleasing, comfortable, and conducive to a relaxing experience. 

Final words

If you’re looking to add character and beauty to your bathroom, pendant lights can be a perfect solution. Pendants are a unique way to add character to your bathroom because they add dimension, size, and texture.

When choosing the right pendant light for your bathroom, remember to take into consideration the type of bathroom you are decorating and also, its size.

While you should always focus on style when choosing the right pendant for your home, you also need to keep in mind the function of your pendant, too.

Remember, these lights are there to enhance your bathroom space, so you need to find a pendant that will work well with your home décor and design preferences. We hope that you found the best pendant lights for bathroom.

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