5 Best Lamps For Studying [2022]

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We’ve made a list of the 5 best lamps for studying that will make your life easier!

In order to be able to study effectively when it gets dark, we need to use light. People often do not pay attention to the type of light they use.

But why should you care about the lighting? The truth is that quality light does not tire the eyes, increases productivity, and strengthens concentration. It also affects our moods and how we feel.

From our own experience, we must say that it feels totally different to learn with a quality lamp than to learn with an ordinary room light. With the already mentioned advantages, the atmosphere and ambiance good lamps create are amazing. Needless to say that studying becomes less of a hassle.

And yes, you will wonder where these lamps have been all your life.

Best Lamps For Studying

BenQ eReading LED Desk Lamp

✔️ Wide desk illumination
✔️ Auto-dimming mode
✔️ Space-saving
✔️ Modern design
➖ The touch ring is sometimes too sensitive
➖ Does not come with a clamp

BenQ eReading Desk Lamp gives you a reading experience that is more comfortable than ever before. With its soft and warm light, it helps you read longer and have better concentration on your work, regardless of where you are sitting. 

This desk lamp is a modern design with a space-saving shape. It is suitable for home decoration. The LED lamp will make you feel comfortable at night. It can be used both as a reading or a bedside lamp

Wide illumination makes it easy to focus on multiple things on your desk. You won’t even notice that you have the light on, it’s that natural and eye-soothing.

It has a smart auto-dimming mode that adjusts lighting based on your surroundings.

Too bad that it only comes with a base, so you need to buy a clamp separately if you intend to hook it on the table. Even though the touch ring is a nice feature, we feel that it could’ve been just a bit less sensitive.

Nevertheless, this one’s our first pick. It really is the most versatile and best lamp for studying, and it will definitely fit into your interior.

Stella Original Premium 

✔️ Good for eyes (clinically prescribed)
✔️ Flexible
✔️ 5-level dimming 
✔️ Comes with a travel case
➖ Can easily get messy from fingerprints

If you have vision problems and are not sure which lamp to get, look no further. Stella original is an amazing lamp for studying that features doctor-prescribed light! These types of lamps help thousands of people around the world who have eye problems.

With 5-level dimming, you will be satisfied with all the available lighting options and won’t get bored easily. Also, it’s quite practical since it has a flexible arm, so you can additionally adjust it however you want.

If you’re often on the move, make sure you don’t throw away the box in which this light comes in. It’s quite a handy travel case. 

Stella original is one of the best lamps for studying and a useful product for people with macular degeneration or those who are blind.

Stella original is also a wonderful and useful product for people with macular degeneration or those who are blind.

If there’s one thing we could change about this lamp, it would be that it should be harder for it to get messy from fingerprints, since there’s a constant need for touching it, obviously.

Eye-care swing arm desk lamp

✔️ Very wide and great light
✔️ Comes with a clamp
✔️ Timing functions
✔️ Lightweight and easy to install
➖ Doesn’t have a base
➖ Button controls are on the lower part of a lamp  

This is one very practical and amazing study lamp if you intend to use it only as a desk lamp.

Since it doesn’t have a base, it’s very lightweight, comes with a clamp, and is very easy to assemble with very little space needed.

It comes with 3 different modes: working, reading, and relaxing.

The color temperature’s just right and every mode has different brightness settings. Needless to say, is that it provides more than enough light for studying and working.

Timing functions are a great feature. The lamp can be set to turn off 10 or 40 minutes before sleeping. That way you don’t need to get out of the warm bed to turn off the light.

Even though this lamp has got almost anything you need, there’s a tiny drawback. It’s kinda not intuitive since the buttons are on the lower part of the lamp (near the clamp). I know it’s a minor thing but I had to get used to it.

Toolour 2-in-1 LED Desk Lamp with 160pcs Light Beads

✔️ 3 light colors
✔️ Very flexible and adjustable
✔️ Memory function
✔️ Comes both with a base and a clamp
➖ Instructions on how to set up could be clearer
➖ Stiff clamp

If you’re a person that always multitasks while studying, we’ve got a perfect lamp for you!

Toolour 2-in-1 desk lamp makes it easy for any complex task to be done. With the great light, of its flexible and adjustable double lamp heads, you’ll need nothing more for your projects during the night. You can position and rotate them however you want in order to satisfy your needs.

You can easily install it on your desk with a clamp, but there’s no worry if you don’t want to since it comes with a sturdy base too. 

It features 3 light colors and 10 brightness levels, so it’s very customizable.

The clamp is kinda sturdy and instructions on setting it up could be more clear, but other than that, this one’s a very useful and quality lamp.

Metal LED Desk Lamp

✔️ Elegant and modern design
✔️ Eye-friendly
✔️ Multiple functions

We’ve saved this gem of the lamp for the end!

All jokes aside, this metal LED desk lamp is not only elegant and modern-looking, but it’s also practical and fun as well.

What’s amazing about it is that it’s easily foldable and space-saving, if you don’t intend to use it anymore.

But we assure you, you will use it a lot once you see its light features. Featuring 6 brightness levels and 5 color modes, you can use it for whatever you want to, not only for studying.

You’ll be safe from eye fatigue because this lamp has an eye-friendly LED panel.

And we didn’t come across any drawbacks with this one too!


There you go. We’re sure that we managed to give you some advice on this subject. Studying at night is not only going to improve, but you’re also going to love it! 

This is our second buying guide on lamps, following the previous one that features the list of brightest floor lamps. Make sure to check that one out too.

Now you know which ones are the best lamps for studying. You won’t miss with these ones. Our general advice is that you define your budget and pick the one which you like the most.

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