10 Best Hallway Light Fixtures That Will Brighten Your Home

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The first thing you see when you enter any home is the hallway light fixture. They’re important because they provide lighting in the main corridor, which connects the various rooms of your house together. This guide will introduce you to the best hallway light fixtures on the market.

With a wide array of colors, shapes, and styles, choosing a light fixture for the hall seems to be easy. But what kind will make the most impact? That’s where the decision gets trickier, but we’re happy to help!

We’ve selected our favorite hallway light fixtures that not only look great but are functional as well.

From trendy pendants to classic chandeliers, we’ve rounded up the best of the bunch, and can’t wait to see how they transform your home!

How do we choose the best hallway light fixtures?

Quality material

The first and most important thing about lighting fixtures is that they are made of quality material. This directly affects how long you will use it and reduces the possibility of potential breakdowns and malfunctions.

Most of the products on our list are made of quality metal. In addition, we also have those made of iron and plastic, and even crystal and wood (although these are only smaller parts of the lighting fixture that we can see as accessories).

We also make sure that the fixtures do not consume much (check out our guide on watts) and that they support LED bulbs.

Variety of styles

Interior design is a science in itself. There are a lot of styles and they are developing more and more often. Precisely for this reason, we have included stylistically different products in the list of the best hallway light fixtures.

A wide range of styles represents a greater possibility that you will find what suits you best. The styles covered in this guide are rustic, industrial, modern, classic, retro, vintage, creative, and farmhouse.

Reasonable price

We all know how bad it is when we fall in love with a certain product and then look at the price. We also know the opposite feeling, when the price we see is suspiciously low. To avoid these scenarios, we carefully determined the price range, which varies between 30 and 150 dollars.

If you planned to save money – you have a decent selection of products, but also if you are ready to invest in something more – you still have a bunch to choose from.

Wide application

The lighting fixtures described in this article are intended primarily for hallways. However, adaptability to other rooms is an excellent criterion by which many choose lighting. Inspired by this, we have included ceiling lights that you can also place in other rooms, such as kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and some even outside the house (e.g. balcony).

You might even get inspired to change the lighting in other rooms too, eh?

Easy installation

There is nothing worse than a complicated and time-consuming installation. Some lighting fixtures are so demanding that it is necessary to call qualified electricians. These hallway lights are the total opposite of that. With each one, you will receive well-described and high-quality instructions for installation, and we guarantee that it will not take long.

These lighting fixtures also do not have many different parts, so the installation process itself will be, one might even say – intuitive and simple. That way, you won’t lose your temper soon after the package arrives at your address.

Our top picks

Mayful Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light



Mayful Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Three clear glass shades

Fully dimmable

Compatible with all bulb types

Bulbs not included

StyleMaterialBulb baseMax wattage (W)
Rustic, modernMetal, glassE2660

Let’s start with style! Mayful is a rustic semi-flush mount ceiling light. It has 3 beautiful clear glass shades that give it a modern and clean look.

The combination of the black top plate with the golden sockets is very harmonious and pleasing to the eye. Installation instructions are very simple and well-explained, and you get a one-year warranty. 

Three E26 bulbs are required for full functionality.

It is flexible with all types of bulbs: incandescent, LED, CFL, and halogen. It can even be dimmed with a compatible dimmer switch (max 60W).

All in all, a great ceiling light for the hallway that will fit in with most interiors, regardless of style.

Bargeni Flush Mount Ceiling Light



Bargeni Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Minimal and elegant design

Dimmable (10% – 100%)

Replaceable LED light engine

Smaller than it looks in the photos

StyleMaterialColor temperature (K)Wattage (W)

Bargeni is a modern-style ceiling light fixture with an elegant minimal design. It comes with a built-in LED source. It is made of high-quality iron and painted with a beautiful matte black color. It fits very nicely into the hallway with its unobtrusiveness.

The color temperature of the light is 3000K (warm white), the energy consumption is 18W, and the light intensity is 1550 lumens. It’s dimmable from 10 – 100%, which means that it is adaptable to everyone’s taste if you have a compatible dimmer.

It comes in two colors – white and black, and can also be used for other rooms in your household.

You won’t have to worry about buying new bulbs, because the integrated light lasts up to 30,000 hours. Even if it stops working, you can buy a new light source and replace it.

What you should pay attention to are the dimensions, because in the pictures it can look bigger than it actually is. There are 2 different versions, one is 12.5 inches wide, while the other is 16.5 inches. Choose the one that suits you better.

Drosbey LED Ceiling Light Fixture



Drosbey 36W LED Ceiling Light Fixture

Great specifications

Comes in 4 different sizes

High CRI (90+)

Looks slightly cheap

StyleMaterialColor temperature (K)Wattage (W)
ModernBrushed nickel, plastic500036

The Drosbey light fixture comes in 4 different sizes: 10, 13, 14.5, and 16 inches. It has a modern look and fits into most spaces.

The specifications of this light fixture are excellent. It has a built-in light with a color temperature of 5000 Kelvin (daylight), consumption is 36W, while the light intensity is 3200 lumens. The light lasts up to 30,000 hours.

It has a high CRI, which means that it illuminates the objects around it well (true to their original color)

It’s an excellent choice for anyone who doesn’t want to spend too much on lighting and doesn’t want their hallway to be dark. With this LED lighting, you will also save up to 70% on your electricity bill, unlike ordinary halogen or incandescent lighting.

With your purchase, you also get a 6-year warranty. Certainly a good bang for the buck.

VILUXY Flush Mount Ceiling Light


VILUXY Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Unique design

Easy to replace the bulb

Fully dimmable

Smaller than it looks in the photos

StyleMaterialBulb baseMax wattage (W)
Classic, mid-centuryAluminumE2660

With its star-shaped design, Viluxy is extremely unique lighting for hallways. It exudes a mid-century vibe with its elegance and creativity and combines it with a modern classic look.

The base is made of aluminum and fits an E26 bulb. Since it doesn’t come bundled with a bulb, what we suggest is to get an Edison bulb with an E26 base. It will look fantastic!

Needless to say, the bulb is very easy to change. It is fully dimmable with a compatible dimmer, so you can use any type of light bulb: LED, incandescent, CFL, or halogen.

A simple and original model that will make your hallway very special.

What you need to pay attention to is the same as with our second choice – dimensions. It looks bigger than it actually is. The diameter is 12 inches.

MgLoyht Pendant Lighting


MgLoyht Pendant Lighting

High-quality pendant lighting

Adjustable cord

Great illumination

Not as easy to install

StyleMaterialBulb baseMax wattage (W)
RetroMetalE2660 (classic), 25 (LED)

We must also include pendant lighting in our list. That’s why we added MgLoyht – lighting that is primarily intended for hallways and corridors with high ceilings.

It is black in color, a retro style that exudes a vintage industrial/farmhouse atmosphere. It will certainly not leave you indifferent. For all fans of chandeliers, this is a great choice.

You can choose between 1-pack pendants and 2-pack pendants.

One chandelier requires an E26 bulb. Its height is 9 inches, its width is 11.38, while the length of the cable is 59, but it can be adjusted as desired. We would definitely single out this chandelier among the best ceiling lights for dark hallways.

The installation was a bit more complex than the others, but that’s the only complaint, so we’ll ignore it.

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2-Light Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture


2-Light Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture

Unique light dispersion

Flexible bulb sockets

Fully dimmable

Bulbs not included

StyleMaterialBulb baseMax wattage (W)
Industrial, modernMetalE2660

Aloa is a UL-certified semi-flush ceiling light fixture. It is intended for lovers of industrial style.

It consists of a metal fixture inside which are two E26 bulb sockets. They are adjustable which means you can rotate them as you wish. In addition, they are also heat resistant.

It is compatible with all types of light bulbs (LED, CFL, halogen, incandescent), with a maximum of 60W. It is fully dimmable if you have a compatible dimmer switch.

Due to its semi-open shape and diagonal grids, it disperses light in a very unique way. Bulbs can be replaced very easily since the light fixture is completely open. It will be a beautiful and excellent addition to your hallway or another room in your household.

It does not come with bulbs, but we definitely recommend that you get a pair of Edison bulbs, since they are perfect for industrial style.

YYJLX 6-Light Semi-Flush Mount Crystal Chandelier


YYJLX 6-Light Black Semi Flush Mount Crystal Chandelier

Amazing light reflection

Luxurious crystal pendants

Great conversation starter

Not dimmable

StyleMaterialBulb baseMax wattage (W)
Classic, antiqueMetal, crystalE2660

Are you a fan of chandeliers and love classic style with a bit of spark? YYJLX is a beautiful crystal chandelier with 6 bulbs that will make a phenomenal entrance to your home. The best word to describe this chandelier is luxurious.

It is made of metal and crystal glass while giving the room a classy vibe. You can choose between black and gold.

It contains 6 sockets for bulbs with an E26 base and supports a maximum of 60W. Its height is 13″, its maximum width is 16.14″, while its top plate width is 4.62″.

This is definitely the most luxurious product among these best hallway light fixtures.

The chandelier is compatible with all types of light bulbs, but it is not dimmable, so keep that in mind.

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SEOL Light Vintage Crystal Branches Chandelier


SEOL-Light Vintage Large Crystal Branches Chandeliers

Breath-taking design

Beautiful illumination

Transparent glass crystals

Not easy to install (hire a licensed electrician)

StyleMaterialBulb baseMax wattage (W)
Vintage, classicMetal, crystalE1240

In the list of best hallway light fixtures, we have to include something that is not seen every day. The SEOL chandelier is a beautiful light fixture whose scattered crystal branches make it unique.

Above them are five sockets for E12 bulbs (not included) with a maximum of 40W. When the chandelier is lit, the light passing through the crystal branches beautifully illuminates the room.

Its width is 31.5″, its height is 11.5″, and the width of the top plate is 6.3″. You can also put this chandelier in other rooms such as the bedroom, dining room, or living room, but if you position it in the hallway, it creates a really special experience after a person enters the house/apartment.

Although you can install it yourself (if you have experience), we still recommend that you hire a licensed electrician, since installation is not as easy as the other products on our list.

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Lakumu 2-Light Retro Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light


Lakumu 2-Light Retro Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Quality metal frame & solid wood

Oak & cherry color

Fully dimmable

Bulbs not included

StyleMaterialBulb baseMax wattage (W)
Retro, rusticWood, metalE2660

Lakumu is a retro and vintage-style ceiling light fixture. In terms of style, it is most similar to the sixth reviewed product, considering that it has two light sockets with E26 bases.

What makes it special is the combination of wood and metal design, and the S-shaped base that makes this ceiling light fixture a beautifully circular and symmetrical piece.

You can choose between two different wood colors: oak and cherry – the price is the same. The material is excellent and of high quality.

It is compatible with all types of bulbs (halogen, incandescent, LED, and CFL), but the maximum wattage of the socket is 60W. It is an excellent choice for your hallway, and we are proud to place it among the best hallway light fixtures.

YAVILL Semi Flush Mount Light Fixture


YAVILL Semi Flush Mount Light Fixture

Sturdy & good quality,

Adjustable height,

Easy to install

Large (make sure it will fit your ceiling)

StyleMaterialBulb baseMax wattage (W)
Industrial, farmhouseMetalE26100

We end this list with YAVILL – a very cute and charming industrial/farmhouse ceiling light fixture.

It will create a wonderfully warm atmosphere in your home or outside.

It is made of metal and you have two different color options: black and bronze. Its maximum width is 11.75″, height 9″, and the width of the top plate is 5.12″.

You can put any type of light bulb in it, as long as it has an E26 base. Certainly, as for several of the ones already mentioned, we recommend the Edison bulb because it fits best stylistically with the lighting fixture itself.


What color light is best for hallways?

The best light color for the hallway is around 3000 Kelvin. It should neither be excessively warm, nor excessively bright.

It is objectively the most comfortable color temperature range for most people. That way, everyone who comes into your home will have a good lighting experience. The atmosphere will not be too dull nor too aggressive.

How big should a light fixture be in a hallway?

The light fixture in the hallway should be neither too big nor too small. It all depends on the size of your hallway.

Even more important than the size of the fixture itself is the lighting needs of the room in which it is located. Read more about lumens and room lighting in our guide or download our free e-book.

What is the best lighting for a dark hallway?

The best lighting for a dark hallway is semi-flushed ceiling light or lighting pendant.

We have included exactly such types of lighting in our list. We would recommend that depending on the size of your hallway and the style of your interior, you choose one of the listed lighting fixtures.

Final words

In conclusion, if you want to brighten up your hallway, the key is to choose fixtures that are well-designed and that will add value and functionality to your home. Look for a fixture that is both practical and attractive.

A light fixture that is designed well has to fit into your current space and be functional as well. Don’t compromise on either of those two factors!

Choose a light fixture that will last. Be careful when choosing a style of light because it can easily turn into a huge money pit.

If you’re still not sure, consider investing in a simple pendant that is easy to change or replace.

That’s it for this list of best hallway light fixtures! We hope that we’ve helped you make a decision. If not, feel free to leave us a comment below. We are happy to help.



Mayful Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Three clear glass shades

Fully dimmable

Compatible with all bulb types

The combination of the black top plate with the golden sockets is very harmonious and pleasing to the eye. Certainly #1 among these best hallway light fixtures.

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