5 Best Floor Lamps For Reading

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Can you imagine anything cozier than an evening dose of the book combined with the beautiful lamp lighting?

In this article, we will discuss and deep dive into the 5 best floor lamps for reading.

We all tend to grab our favorite book in the evening or before sleep to finish our day in the most pleasant way. During this period, our eyes are already tired and we don’t want to turn on our chandeliers, but enjoy the more atmospheric and pleasant type of lighting. 

Even if you’re not reading your favorite literature, you might read some work-related content preparing yourself for the next day or you just simply grabbed some magazine from your shelf. The point is, we are all prone to reading activities when the sun sets, and some good quality floor lamps will be of use for that purpose.

Some people tend to use table lamps and some floor lamps.

Let’s take a look at some lamps suitable for reading!

Best floor lamps for reading

Ganiude Dimmable Modern LED Rotatable Torchiere Floor Lamp with Reading Light

✔️ Adjustable lighting angle
✔️ Additional sidelight
✔️ Four color temperatures / dimmable
✔️ Comes with a remote control
➖ Possible technical difficulties with remote responsivity

This Gaunide Dimmable LED torchiere lamp will fulfill all your reading needs since it’s specifically designed to offer you the best reading experience. Its adjustable lighting angle will accent anything you want to have in focus and the light itself is very eyes caring.

The main light is rotatable up to 350 degrees right and left, and 85 degrees up and down. There is also a sidelight which is perfect for reading and it can be moved in any direction you want to direct it.

This lamp is very modern and you can control it with the remote control and touch control that comes with it. That means you can freely enjoy your comfy bed and turn the lamp on or off without even getting up.

The coolest feature is that you can choose between the different shades this lamp offers.

There are 4 color temperatures that expand from 3000K to 6000K. Choose the color temperature that will fit your current needs. 

Your pets and children are super safe with this lamp because the high-quality metal base is very stable and it prevents from tipping over, but it’s not a heavy lamp so you can move it easily.

The only con you can experience is some difficulties with the remote control, which can always be the case if we are talking about high technology, but that doesn’t mean that the product is damaged or faulty. 

Rustic Farmhouse Reading Lamp 

✔️ Adjustable height and lamp head
✔️ Energy-saving
✔️ Sturdy and stable base
✔️ Aesthetically pleasing
➖ Non-dimmable

This lamp is also one of the top choices for reading. This lamp not only has pleasant and bright warm light but is pleasant to the eye itself, because of its modern but classical beautiful design.

The aesthetic of this lamp will fit with many indoor styles and decorations, it’s very versatile and it gives that extra elegance to any room. It can look vintage, but very modern at the same time.  

The downlight position is perfect for reading and the lamp works on the energy-saving principle which automatically means that there is a long-lasting LED bulb included.

You can adjust the height of the lamp (between 34.25” and 57.48”) and swivel the head of the lamp 180° for uplight or downlight, according to your personal preference and needs.

The base of the lamp is heavy and stable so it’s safe for children or pets.

The only negative side of the lamp which you may not like is that it’s not dimmable.

Dimmable Reading Standing Lamp for Living Room Bedroom Office

✔️ 3 colors and 5 brightness levels
✔️ Adjustable height
✔️ 1-hour power timer
✔️ Long-lasting
➖ Can’t provide ‘extreme’ brightness

This lamp is another one perfect for reading and it’s one of our top choices. You can adjust the color and brightness to your personal needs. It has 3 colors and 5 brightness levels.

Choose between cool white, natural white, and warm white option. The next thing you can adjust to your preferences is the height of the lamp. Also, the adjustable gooseneck will direct the light wherever you want it to. 

This lamp has a 1-hour timer so it’s very user-friendly and energy-saving. If using this option, the lamp will automatically turn off so you don’t have to worry about it.

The important thing to note is that the long-lasting 12W LED provides 2000 lumens brightness which is enough to illuminate the whole room

The base of the lamp is stable and heavy enough to prevent anyone from tipping over. 

Although the lamp is bright, it might not be bright enough if you’re searching for extra brightness.

15W Floor Lamp with 4W Adjustable Reading Light

✔️ Eye-protecting light
✔️ Adjustable (brightness, dimmable)
✔️ Comes with a mini side lamp
✔️ Compatible with smart plugs
➖ Can be a little tricky to put together

This lamp will exceed any of your reading expectations. You can adapt brightness when choosing between 3 dimmable brightness levels.

It even has special eye-protecting soft 2700K warm white lighting which will ensure comfortable and safe reading without doing damage to your eyes.

The lamp itself should be easy to assemble, and it will complement any style that you’re aiming for. There are some parts that might be difficult to put together while assembling.

The tall pole light comes with 2 lamps, the torchiere floor lamp and the standing lamp with the rotatable gooseneck.

The base of the lamp is stable and safe so it prevents from falling. The cool thing is that is compatible with smart plugs. 

Welwerks Floor Lamp For A Living Room

✔️ Amazing lamp shade
✔️ Compatible with smart devices
✔️ Comes with a remote control
✔️ Great bright light
➖ Instructions could be better

This floor lamp is very pleasing to the eye and adds to the home atmosphere.

It is a great choice for any part of your room. You will surely enjoy reading with this lamp.

The lamp is compatible with smart devices and comes with remote control. You can even plug it into a smart plug.

The lampshade is narrow and long, specially designed to save valuable space.

The lamp also has a built-in one-hour timer, which is a great feature, especially before you go to bed. So you can even fall asleep with the lamp on, and it will go out afterward.

The only drawback is the ambiguity of the instructions. We managed to put it together, but we had some difficulties. Also, the lampshade could have been better packed.


Now that you have received useful and educational information about the best floor lamps for reading, feel free to choose the lamp that will make your reading experience wonderful.

Choose the one that’ll be friendly to your budget, and exceeding all of your expectations. 

It is very important to have a high-quality lamp for reading. 

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