Best Floor Lamp for Nursery: Brighten Up Your Baby’s Room

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Looking for the best floor lamp for nursery? You’re in the right spot!

Creating a nursery for small children can be quite an exciting but also demanding process. One of the most important components that you should definitely pay attention to is the illumination of the room.

Due to their adaptability, use, and aesthetic appeal, floor lamps have emerged as a popular choice among many lighting options for nurseries. The right floor lamp can make a big difference because not all floor lamps are created equal.

In this guide, we will explore and help you find the best floor lamp for nursery and explain what factors you should consider before making a purchase.

Why consider having a lamp in the nursery?

Having a quality lamp in the nursery contributes to the health, atmosphere, and general mood of both the children and the parents themselves.

Light affects the quality of sleep and rest, which is one of the main reasons why choosing the right lamp should be taken seriously.

In addition to the above-mentioned main reasons, a floor lamp can visually complement the room as well as be an excellent decorative accessory. Maybe the lamp is just what the room was missing to be filled just right.

Tips for choosing the best floor lamp for nursery


Floor lamps are a frequent source of lighting in nurseries and may emit gentle, warm light to make the space inviting and calming for infants and young children. Selecting a floor light for a nursery must, however, take safety into account.

Safety is important so you can:

Prevent children falling

Curious youngsters may unintentionally knock over floor lamps, increasing the risk of falls and injury. This risk can be decreased by selecting lamps with a solid base and avoiding those with lengthy cables or loose-fitting lampshades.

Keeping an eye out for electrical dangers

Floor lights need electricity to operate, and damaged wiring or electrical components increase the risk of electric shock or fire. To lower the danger of electrical risks, it is essential to pick lights with the appropriate certification and abide by the prescribed wattage limitations.

Keeping burns at bay

Particularly incandescent-bulb lights, some may grow hot after extended usage. Youngsters may accidentally knock the lamp over or touch the hot surface, resulting in burns. It’s crucial to pick cool-touch lighting or lamps with LED bulbs that don’t produce a lot of heat.

Type of light

Infants and young children’s comfort, safety, and development can be significantly impacted by the sort of light a floor lamp used in a nursery emits.

Here are some justifications for why this kind of light is crucial:

Eye Health

Often included in LED and fluorescent lights, blue light can harm the retina and strain the eyes. Your child’s eyesight can be safeguarded by selecting lamps that provide warm, low-intensity light.

Sleep Quality

Harsh, bright light can excite the brain and interfere with sleep cycles.

A child’s quality of sleep may be impacted by the sort of light that a floor lamp emits. Babies can more easily fall asleep and stay asleep in an atmosphere that is tranquil and relaxing thanks to soft, warm light.


Warm, gentle lighting may foster a quiet, pleasant ambiance that encourages well-being. Anxiety and agitation can be brought on by bright, chilly light.


A floor lamp that is adjustable in size may give the specific lighting your kid requires, encourage safety and adaptability, and develop with your child as they do.

To provide your child with a calm and cozy environment, you may change the light’s brightness and direction. You may utilize an adjustable floor light in various places in your nursery, such as a reading corner or a changing table.


It may be simpler to use and adjust a lamp with a straightforward and intuitive design. Also, you can improve the aesthetics of the nursery itself.

A floor lamp’s style may enhance the overall appearance of your nursery. It can improve the interior design and give your child’s room a unified appearance and feel.

Some of them have kid-friendly elements like touch controls, plush materials, and non-toxic components.

Energy efficiency

Energy-efficient lights utilize less electricity to create the same amount of light as regular lamps, resulting in lower energy costs and a lower carbon footprint.

Money savings

Energy-efficient lights use less electricity, so you can save money on your energy bill over time. This is especially crucial in a nursery where the lamp is constantly utilized.

Environmental impact

Selecting an energy-efficient bulb for your nursery can help you decrease your carbon footprint by consuming less energy and, as a result, reducing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

This can help your child live in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly environment.

Our top picks





Classic design

Convenient pedal switch

3 color temperatures modes

The Rottogoon floor lamp is an ideal alternative for individuals looking for a basic, classic style that will blend in with any decor. This lamp comes with one beige lampshade that generates a warm, gentle 3000K white light that offers a relaxing ambiance.

Furthermore, the integrated power-saving light bulb guarantees that the lamp is long-lasting and energy-efficient, saving you money on your energy bill. The practical pedal switch also enables simple on/off operation, freeing up your hands for other tasks.

It features has 3 different color temperature modes: 3000K (warm white), 4000K (natural white), and 5000K (daylight white).

What distinguishes the Rottogoon floor lamp is its appropriateness for nursery areas. The gentle, eye-protective light creates a pleasant environment that is ideal for relaxing newborns and young children.

The pedal switch is also a useful feature for parents who may be holding a youngster. Overall, the Rottogoon floor lamp is a functional and elegant addition to any home, and it is especially appealing to families with small children.

The lampshade has to be assembled manually, which surprised us a little bit. Other than that, this certainly is the best floor lamp for nursery in this guide.

Addlon Floor Lamp with Shelves



Addlon Floor Lamp with Shelves

Solid and firm construction

3-color temperature bulb

Quality lampshade

The cord could be more discreet

The Addlon shelf floor lamp is a fashionable addition to any home, giving enough storage space as well as lighting.

This lamp is ideal for displaying books, photographs, and plants in the bedroom, living room, or office since it has four layers constructed of high-density fiber material, each capable of carrying up to 50 pounds.

The lamp’s solid construction assures that it will not tumble over, even if there are heavy goods on the shelves.

One of the lamp’s prominent characteristics is the three-color temperature LED bulb, which enables illumination customization to fit any situation.

The LED bulb is a cost-effective and ecologically responsible solution, with a 50,000-hour service life and 50% energy savings over typical incandescent lights.

The high-quality cloth lampshade softens the light, producing a peaceful and relaxing environment at night, making it an ideal choice for a nursery or child’s room. The light is simple to construct and comes with a 3-year Addlon product support warranty, assuring customer happiness.

As for the downsides – the cord could be more discreet.

Dimunt LED Floor Lamp



Dimunt LED Floor Lamp

Adjustable color temperature & brightness

One-hour timer function

Energy efficient

Could have stronger light intensity

The Dimunt Floor Lamp has 112 high-brightness LEDs and arcuated lights give up to 1000 lumens of light, making it ideal for reading in the living room or bedroom.

You can easily create a warm and friendly environment by adjusting the color temperature and brightness.

The Dimunt Floor Lamp is an excellent alternative for parents searching for a safe lighting solution for their nursery. The one-hour timer function can assist parents and newborns in falling asleep quickly.

It’s non-flickering light and secure design, which includes a weighted base and durable construction, make it suitable for use around children and pets, while its smooth and movable gooseneck makes it simple to manipulate the lights and ideally illuminate any item.

The Dimunt Floor Lamp is extremely energy-efficient, using only 15 watts of power and lasting 50000 hours. This light is a flexible and handy alternative for any home, thanks to its memory function and simple setup.

As for the downsides – it could have a little stronger light intensity.

Industrial Floor Lamp


Industrial Floor Lamp

Adjustable height

Can be swiveled

Warm & comforting light

Cable position

The Industrial floor lamp is an excellent choice for any modern house. Its elegant style complements your existing décor wonderfully. The lamp generates a warm, comforting light that creates a nice environment ideal for your nursery or any other area in your home.

It’s 57.48 inches tall and adjustable between 34.25” and 57.48” to fit various locations. The lamp head can also be swiveled 180° for uplighting or downlighting, allowing you to create personalized lighting moods. 

The supplied standard base screw-in LED bulb is long-lasting and energy-saving, equal to a 60w incandescent bulb but using just a few watts of electricity. The lamp’s sturdy base keeps your kid and/or pets safe by offering adequate stability to avoid accidental toppling.

This ETL-certified bulb provides unrivaled safety and exceptional quality, assuring a consistent light source for years to come.

Anyway, the cable is positioned in the middle of the lamp itself, which is a little inconvenient.

Farmhouse Rustic Floor Lamp


Farmhouse Rustic Floor Lamp

Two wicker drum shades

Footswitch & dimmer

Easy to set-up

Pretty specific design

With its tree trunk fake wood column and white-washed finish, this Farmhouse rustic floor lamp will look great in your nursery. The two wicker drum shade strip lamp body light sources hang from the traditional and beautiful tree-shaped main light stand, producing a natural and tranquil ambiance ideal for relaxing.

With its strong, high-intensity job illumination and soft light that doesn’t take up too much room, the floor lamp is also ideal for reading or studying. It’s especially well-suited for tiny spaces like children’s rooms or nurseries, where a cozy and tranquil environment is essential.

This floor lamp features a foot switch dimmer that allows you to change the brightness to your desire, as well as two LED 6-watt bulbs for extra convenience. The light is simple to install and comes with a convenient foot switch that allows you to easily turn it on and off.

Overall, this Farmhouse Rustic Floor Lamp is lovely, and it will add to the ambiance while providing adequate lighting for all of your requirements.

Simple Designs Floor Lamp


Simple Designs Floor Lamp

Minimalistic and neutral design

Gentle and pleasant light

Easy to set-up

Inconvenient on/off switch

Brushed nickel finish and cloth shade offer this lamp a timeless appeal that will complement any design. It has a simple foot switch and utilizes one 60-watt A19 E26 medium base bulb. Assembly is necessary, but it is basic and straightforward.

It’s not only fashionable but also functional, offering warm and comforting lighting for reading, resting, or simply bringing a lovely glow to the space. Its measurements are L:13.5″ x W:13.5″ x H:58″, making it ideal for compact places such as nurseries or reading nooks.

Also, it’s a great choice for parents looking for a discreet yet practical light source for their baby’s room. The gentle, pleasant light is ideal for relaxing and reassuring your child before night.

The on/off switch is connected to the cable on the floor level. It would be better if it was on the lamp base.

Verilux SmartLight LED Floor Lamp


Verilux SmartLight LED Floor Lamp

Flexible and adjustable

Long-lasting LED light

Simulates natural lighting


The Verilux SmartLight floor lamp is made for an environment that requires bright, efficient, and healthy illumination. This sleek and modern floor lamp has a gooseneck design that allows you to adjust the light where you need it the most.

The LED light is long-lasting and provides superior brightness and color accuracy, making it excellent for reading or completing intricate work. The light also has five distinct intensity levels and three color temperature options, allowing you to tailor your experience to your preferences.

This floor lamp’s most amazing feature is that it simulates natural lighting, making it flicker-free and fitted with an Optix lens to decrease glare, which helps to reduce eye strain and tiredness. This makes it an ideal choice for nurseries if you want to offer a safe and comfortable place for your child to read and play.

With over 60 years of experience in healthy lighting and a 1-year guarantee, you can rely on the Verilux SmartLight to offer healthier light for you and your family.

Sunmory Arc Floor Lamp


Sunmory Arc Floor Lamp

Step-less dimmer

Preset modes & remote control

Adjustable lampshade

The Sunmory arc floor lamp is a flexible lighting solution with step-less control for color temperature and brightness. You can effortlessly change the illumination to meet your needs with a 9W bulb and remote control. There are also preset modes for various tasks, such as reading, eating, working, and night light modes.

The dual remote control and foot switch on this lamp make it simple for both youngsters and adults to turn on the LED bulb lamp. The foundation is built of high-quality metal and sand, which ensures stability and prevents accidents. The lampshade may also be rotated horizontally or vertically for variable light.

A user handbook with precise installation instructions and a video lesson is included in the box to make assembly quick and uncomplicated. Sunmory provides fantastic customer service and helps if you have any questions or problems after purchase.

It really is a fashionable and practical addition to a nursery, where the adjustable illumination and strong base are very useful.


What kind of lamp is the best for a nursery?

The best kind of lamp for a nursery depends on your specific needs and preferences, but generally, a lamp that provides soft and warm lighting can be a good choice for creating a calming and soothing environment for your baby.

A floor lamp set at a comfortable height can give sufficient lighting for late-night feedings or diaper changes. You may also want to consider a light with a dimming mechanism so you can change the brightness as needed.

To avoid any mishaps, pick a lamp with a sturdy base and a cable that is securely tucked away.

Our top pick for the best floor lamp for nursery is Rottogoon floor lamp.

Can you have a floor lamp in a nursery?

Absolutely, you can have a floor lamp in a nursery.

Floor lamps, in fact, may be a terrific lighting option for nurseries since they give a gentle, ambient light that can help create a tranquil and comforting environment for your baby.

Should I put a lamp in a nursery?

Certainly, you should think about adding a floor lamp in the nursery. 

It is necessary to initially pay attention to some factors that have already been described in this article.

Which floor lamp gives off the most light?

 Arc floor lamps can provide a lot of light as they have a long arm that extends over the room, and they often use larger bulbs. Torchiere floor lamps, which direct light upwards towards the ceiling, can also provide a lot of light.

The ideal floor lamp for your needs will depend on your specific preferences and the lighting needs of your space.

We’ve talked more about this question in this article.

Final words

Choosing the ideal floor lamp for a nursery requires taking into account numerous elements such as safety, type of light, adjustability, design, and energy efficiency. 

Finally, the finest floor lamp for a nursery will be determined by your individual requirements and tastes. You may choose a floor lamp that will offer a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere for your infant by carefully considering crucial features such as safety and illumination requirements.



Classic design

Convenient pedal switch

3 color temperatures modes

Hope we managed to successfully guide you in choosing best floor lamp for nursery. 

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