8 Best Buffet Lamps – Complete Buying Guide & FAQ [2023]

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Which ones are the best buffet lamps? Well, it depends on the person’s preferences. They vary from one style to another and from one brand to another. But one thing remains the same; the type and size of lamps affect the overall appearance of the room. It would not be wise to opt for the cheapest option, as it might not be ideal for your needs.

Buffet lamps were once used exclusively to illuminate food on the table, most often in buffets, whence their name. Today, the situation has changed a lot, and when people mention buffet lamps, they primarily think of pairs of lamps that are not limited to a specific application.

Nowadays they’re used for many things, most likely to be placed on nightstands in the bedroom, living room, and many other rooms. That’s why we decided to make a list of the best buffet lamps so that you too can enjoy the charms of these beautiful lamps.

They come in various shapes and sizes, but the main thing is that they are able to make the lighting in your home more pleasant. Their design allows them to be placed almost anywhere, so it is not difficult to find an appropriate spot for them. While the lamp’s design is typically contemporary, buffet lamps often feature vintage-style fixtures.

Let’s get right into the review and check out the list of best buffet lamps. 

What to look for in buffet lamps?

In order to find the best buffet lamp, you must recommend that you pay attention to the individual characteristics and define what exactly you want. After that, the search will be easier and more meaningful.

Here are 3 things to look out for:

1. Color and style

The color of the lamp and its style decide whether the lamp will visually fit into the context of the space.

Eg. minimalist and modern white lamps will hardly fit into a rustic interior. Pay attention to the colors of your interior and according to your current design style, choose a lamp that will add to the ambiance, so as not to leave anyone indifferent (including yourself)!

2. Quality of the material

Buffet lamps are prestigious versions of table lamps, one might say. One of the things that make them stand out is the variety of materials from which they are made (lamp and lampshade), which in most cases means superior quality.

In this guide, you will find lamps made of resin, polyresin, and cotton, combined with metal, precisely because of the variety. Also, they should have a suitable height.

3. Lighting options and sockets

Light control options are varied. There are lamps with which you can increase and decrease the light intensity as well as the color of the temperature. Some have, say, four levels for default settings, while some have a step-less dimmer.

Some lamps also contain a memory function and various other features, which often makes them multifunctional lamps (eg USB charging ports).

The socket of most lamps is compatible with classic E26 bulbs, so no special bulbs are needed for these buffet lamps.

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Best buffet lamps

Vintage bedside buffet lamps

Vintage bedside buffet lamps

3-way dimmable

Dual USB ports

Comes with bulbs

Shade quality

We start this guide with Vintage night buffet lamps. This beautiful set of lamps has a built-in touch sensor with which you can determine the brightness settings. There are 3 settings: low, medium, and high brightness.

You can touch both the base of the lamp and the neck itself, this will change the intensity. What is unique and very practical about this set of buffet lamps is that they have a dual 5V / 2A charging port, with which you can charge your electronic devices. That way, you don’t have to look for a special charger socket or charge through another pre-lit device.

The set of lamps comes with E26 bulbs that are compatible with the socket of the lamps themselves. At the very end, I would single out the lamp design which is a combination of vintage and rustic styles.

The only thing we weren’t so fascinated by was the quality of the lampshades.

Bobomomo antique buffet lamps

Bobomomo antique buffet lamps

Elegant & antique

USB charging port

Heavy and sturdy

Doesn’t come with bulbs

We continue the list of the best buffet lamps with Bobomomo set of lamps made of resin. The lampshade and the neck with the base fit very nice visually and radiate harmony and elegance.

Unlike previous lamps, Bobomomo lamps have one USB charging port on each, with which you can also very conveniently charge your electronic devices and save space. The thing that particularly impressed us was the sturdiness of the lamp. You don’t have to be afraid that you’ll roll them over easily because they’re heavy, just right.

We had difficulties with the installation of lampshades when assembling, we believe that you will not have any difficulties with that, but it is definitely worth noting. Also, it doesn’t come with light bulbs, but it does come with a two-year warranty!

Jonathan marble/crystal buffet lamps

Jonathan marble crystal buffet lamps

Marble & crystal material

Compatible with smart outlets

Comes with bulbs


This is the first Jonathan set of buffet lamps in this guide. We chose it because of the uniqueness of the material it is made of, as well as the visual flair. The lamps consist of a drum lampshade, a beautiful gold/brass metal neck, and a base made of crystal, metal, and marble. Very high-end-looking lamps.

But not everything’s in the looks, of course. The lamps come with convenient LED bulbs in the package, so you don’t have to worry about that. They are compatible with Phillips Hue and Alexa smart outlets. They are very sturdy and instantly leave a positive impression when handled.

We found no objections to this set. Definitely a well-deserved place among the best buffet lamps. You won’t go wrong with these 30-inch tall lamps. It will surely add a breath of elegance and prestige to your home.

Kenroy home buffet lamps

Kenroy home buffet lamps

Traditional design

Vintage charm

Acorn-shaped base

Takes some time to assemble

The Kenroy home set of buffet lamps is completely unique.

The combination of bell lampshades, vintage metal neck, and the acorn-shaped base is a complete hit for fans of retro style. The lamps are 30 inches high and will create a beautiful cozy atmosphere in whatever room you put them in.

Although they are very charming, it takes some time to arrange them, so we advise you to have patience. These lamps are black and bronze in color and are excellent value for money.

If you are a fan of vintage style and want to add life to your interior, look no further – these buffet lamps are a great choice for you.

Savavieh modern buffet lamps


Savavieh modern buffet lamps

White cotton lampshade

Amazing quality

Different color options

They’re teal, not emerald

From Safavieh comes a 32-inch set of high-quality buffet lamps that immediately caught our eye.

The white cotton lampshade, Teal-stacked ball neck (not emerald as it’s in the title), and the base that fits the neck, look very harmonious and exude quality and minimalism. Lamps are great for all rooms – whether it is a living room, bedroom (on nightstands), or something completely different.

The great thing is that you don’t have to choose the exact color, but there are various other options: white, dark green, dark purple, green, navy, orange, and yellow. Also, they come with light bulbs.

Deserved place among the best buffet lamps in this guide. Highly recommended.

Jonathan brass buffet lamps


Jonathan brass buffet lamps

High-end and elegant

Compatible with smart outlets

Light bulbs included

The cord looks cheap

The second set of Jonathan lamps really deserved its place among the best buffet lamps.

This modern classic has a beautiful drum lampshade, and a gold neck with beads near the base and on top. It will beautifully illuminate your living space and will definitely be an elegant addition to your furniture.

They are compatible with smart outlets (Phillips Hue and Alexa), are ETL-listed, and meet 120-volt UL standards for safety and quality. The bulbs come along with a set of lamps. Like most Jonathan products, quality and functionality are guaranteed.

While the lamps are a great choice for anyone looking for a quality buffet lamp, the cord is a bit disappointing in appearance – black and very cheap looking.

Ashley Mair buffet lamps


Ashley Mair buffet lamps

Made of resin

Amazing look

Good price

Bulbs not included

If you are looking for something cheap but functional again, and you do not want to be disappointed with the quality, we have something for you.

Ashley Mair buffet lamps, made of resin are very authentic and natural-looking. That wooden look will go very well with some darker furniture. The drum lampshade fits nicely against the neck of the lamp. A very simple, nice, and natural choice for anyone looking for something cheap and quality in the buffet lamp market.

Unlike most lamps in this guide, this set does not come with light bulbs.

Modern touch-control buffet lamps

Modern touch-control buffet lamps

3-way dimmable

Dual USB ports

Comes with bulbs

Slightly lower quality

We end up with another cheaper option, but this time a little more modern and innovative looking. This lamp will not only illuminate your rooms but will also contribute to the creativity of your interior.

I say this because you will agree, that the first thing that catches your eye is the unique neck of this lamp. I would venture to say that by not yet seen, and believe me, I have seen many different lamps.

It has 3 dimmable light settings, and 2 built-in USB ports to save space and be able to charge your devices in a convenient way. If you order them, don’t worry – they come with light bulbs. Unlike most other lamps in this guide, it’s hard to expect the same quality, but as we said in the past – if your goal is a quality-price ratio, and yet you’re more for something more modern, feel free to choose this lamp.


What is a buffet lamp?

Buffet lamps (commonly known as console lamps, or candlestick lamps) are tall light fixtures intended for giving lighting to your interior.

Generally, their height varies from 32 to 36 inches tall, if we measure them from their base to the very top of the shade. The narrow base silhouette is one of their characteristics that makes them resemble a lean column or candlestick.  

Buffet lamps can be shorter than mentioned and in that case, they will be about 24 to 30 inches tall.

When choosing between taller and shorter versions, think about your personal aesthetic preference, or figure out the purpose for which your buffet lamp will be used. That should give you a reason for choosing one over another. 

Buffet lamps are typically used in buffets, on lowish chests, on bedroom dressers, and so forth. They work well in the kitchen, living room, or dining room. Basically, they will adapt to your needs and you can place them wherever your heart wishes to, so, there is no universal rule. 

Most often they’re used on buffet tables in a dining room or any kitchen-like space. Any area where there will be food will profit from a buffet lamp since their main goal is providing light to the targeted spot that needs to be in focus. 

What is the best buffet lamp?

The best buffet lamp is JONATHAN Y JYL2010A-SET2.

You might be thinking that the price of 100 to 200 dollars is not that friendly for an average consumer, but the quality of the lamp is undeniable and the fact that you’re getting TWO of them (plus two LED bulbs) for this price is awesome.

This lamp will be a perfect fit for any room.

It can be used for:

  • bedroom,
  • living room,
  • entry,
  • office,
  • college dorm,
  • on top of your coffee table,
  • bookcase,
  • you name it

There are plenty of buffet lamps on the market and you need to inform yourself about the characteristics of the desired one before purchasing it.

Where else can you put a buffet lamp?

Buffet lamps are appreciated for their multipurpose nature and the fact that they are so versatile. As we already know, the traditional way to use it is for your kitchen/dining space on buffet tables, but those pretty slim fixtures can be used anywhere.

One of the most charming areas to put a buffet lamp, other than a buffet, is on your nightstand.

It looks so nice in the evening next to your bed and it is very useful to place it there. You might wanna pick up something from your nightstand (since that is the place where we tend to put everything away) or you just need some lighting while reading a book. 

Which size should be a shade for a buffet lamp?

The width of the lampshade should be approximately as same as the height of the lamp base. The height of the lampshade has to be about two-thirds the height of your lamp base.

The lampshade of a buffet lamp should be wider than the widest part of the lamp base


In conclusion, if you’re thinking about buying a buffet lamp, it’s important to know what size you need and how much light you want from it. It’s also important to think about where the lamp will go and how it will be used. Buffet lamps are a little hard to find, but they are very useful for a variety of spaces. 

We believe that this guide has helped you and that you have found the best one for you among these best buffet lamps. 

If you have questions or are interested in something more about these best buffet lamps, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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