Are Floor Lamps Safe For Children?

If you’re taking care of a child, you are probably constantly asking yourself if something is safe for children, and among tons of confusion, you might be thinking about whether are floor lamps safe for children.

When it comes to children, we will do anything to make sure that they are safe and modify their surroundings so it becomes risk-free. We must protect children’s safety at all costs, so it’s not strange that you want to analyze and reconsider every item that will be present in their lives. 

You’re going to have to trust that the items you choose are safe for the child and that nothing bad is gonna happen if you’re not able to monitor them all the time.

Are floor lamps safe for children?

When you want to learn about some kind of product, there’s a whole lot of information available. But the question is what kind of information should you trust? How to know for sure are floor lamps safe for children?

Floor lamps are a beautiful addition to everyone’s home, but once you have a child in you’re home, beautiful additions become a second plan and safety is in the first place.

Yes, floor lamps are safe for children, but only if you’re being extra careful with positioning the power cords and stabilizing the lamp itself, so it’s not easy for them to stumble.

Some parents think there is nothing wrong with floor lamps, while others say that they pose a significant risk for young kids. So, if you have young kids or toddlers at home, you should probably look into whether or not these floor lamps are safe before adding them to your home.

Any kind of floor lamp can be very dangerous (regular ones, torchiere floor lamps, etc.) for your children if you don’t keep them out of their reach.

An older child might understand the consequences of interacting with the floor lamps the wrong way, but a toddler is not capable of that.

Floor lamp safety tips:

Talk with your children

If your older child is curious about a lamp, take the time to discuss with them what the lamp does and how it might be dangerous if they play around with it. Explain to them everything about electrocution risk and how broken shards of glass (which might occur if the bulb is smashed) have to be taken seriously.

Provide your children with a safe space

Even if the child understands that there can be a dangerous outcome, they are often very clumsy and they do not pay attention to the mechanism, because they don’t have any experience with objects (even if you have only one-floor lamp in your living room.) It is up to us to provide them with a safe space that wouldn’t cause them trauma, lifetime injuries, or death as the worst possible scenario.

How do you childproof a floor lamp?

If you want to childproof a floor lamp, the easiest possible way would be to find a good position to place it, but it’s not always that simple.

It is important to mention that the safest way to prevent accidents is to keep floor lamps at least three feet away from any type of electrical outlet or cord, if possible.

Hide the power cord

When using a lamp with a visible power cord, make sure to hide it. That is a good strategy to keep the lamp from tipping over. You can do so by positioning furniture in front of it. Make sure to cover long cords with cable ties and that all sockets are protected with a childproof socket protector.

Museum wax

The other way is to use museum wax. It is basically a wax you can place onto the base of your floor lamp, and it will keep it more stable and glued to the surface. Your surface will stay preserved, so that’s a positive thing also.

Using a led light

Use a LED light lamp since there are no heat or UV emissions, the high voltage lamps are less safe for children.

What about nurseries?

Lighting is a major factor in how comfortable, safe, and relaxing your space is. With the right lighting, you can make your home a more tranquil and safe environment.

The nursery also needs those qualities, but it is a special place, not the one where you want to add any kind of additional hazards like electrical hazards. However, there are some positive sides to having a floor lamp in the nursery.

The soft, warm light from a floor lamp helps create an inviting and nurturing atmosphere in the nursery. It also keeps the baby’s eyes and head protected from bright lights, since their eyes are especially sensitive. This also reduces the possibility of overstimulation. Not to mention that the floor lamps are not an expensive lighting option and they are easy to use. 

Yes, you should put a floor lamp in the nursery since it’s almost unimaginable not to have it, but you need to make sure it’s not posing a threat to children.

Positive facts aren’t the ones that worry us, the negative ones do. If the baby is a newborn there aren’t some potential risks, but as soon as they are more mobile, it’s not that simple anymore. Floor lamps are heavy and can be quite dangerous if not carefully handled. Because they are larger than table lamps, can present some hazards.

There is a possibility that the child will knock the lamp over or pull it downwards. That scenario can be an alarming one, especially in case there are no adults present. Not only the weight of the lamp itself can hurt a child, but the bulb can break into sharp pieces and cause severe wounds. Even if the bulb stays intact, it can retain high temperatures, which can inflict serious burns if it comes in contact with the skin.

The next problem we have is that lamps need power cords for functioning, and power cords and children are not something we like to hear in the same sentence. Although there are not many death cases recorded, babies are curious, and if they put their hands into the power outlet, there is a possibility of getting an electric shock.


We will agree upon the fact that children’s safety is something we will think about not twice, but a thousand times. Although there are some pros of having a floor lamp close to the child, we need to make completely sure are floor lamps safe for children. 

We came to the conclusion that there are ways to make a childproof floor lamp, and that can help, but the most important thing is that you are able to monitor your child/toddler. Kids are our responsibility, and at that young age, we need to take accountability for their acts.

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