Aesthetic Rooms With LED Lights: 5 Amazing Ideas [2023]

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Aesthetically pleasing rooms are no longer a luxury. We are able to create beautiful aesthetic rooms with LED lights without much effort.

As humans, we tend to prefer things that look good, smell good and sound good. In fact, the first thing people see and hear when they enter a room is the lighting. We also know that lights can dramatically change the appearance of a room.

While there’s no specific definition of aesthetics, you can define the term as a combination of colors, shapes, and patterns that makes something visually appealing.

When it comes to making a room look good, lighting is one of the most essential aspects. The type of light you choose for your room will determine how well-lit it will be and how it will look.

Why consider LED lights?

When it comes to lighting, there are many options available to you. Whether you are looking to save money, add functionality, or create a specific atmosphere, there are many reasons why you should consider LED lights for your home.

The main reasons for the popularity of LEDs are energy efficiency and improved aesthetic appeal. These two benefits may seem contradictory, but the truth is that they’re mutually beneficial.

LED lighting saves money because it reduces the amount of electricity that goes into light bulbs. It also produces less heat, so that it can be used indoors. It looks better because it provides a much softer light than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

There are now a number of different types of LED lighting available, including traditional bulbs, LED spotlights, LED flood lights, LED strip lighting, and LED track lighting. The type of LED lighting that you choose depends on your needs and budget. 

In this article, we will primarily focus on strip lights, projectors, fairy lights, neon lights, and light bars. These are great and quick solutions for visually appealing rooms.

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Ideas for aesthetic rooms with LED lights

LEDs are everywhere these days. They’re aesthetic, practical, decorative, and provide great illumination and ambiance. They also don’t require frequent maintenance. LEDs are even available in a variety of colors and styles, making it easy to create an attractive and efficient home lighting system.

They’re great for a variety of uses, such as task lighting, accent lighting, accent walls, recessed downlights, wall sconces, and spotlights. In terms of design, LEDs are versatile, as they can blend into any space and complement a wide range of decor.

Here are some ideas for an aesthetic room with LED lights:

Fairy lights

Fairy lights are decorative lights made of small bulbs strung together on a thin wire. They are used for indoor and outdoor lighting and decoration. They are most often used at Christmas time, but increasingly they’re becoming one of the main effective decorative choices of every creative individual who wants to have an aesthetic room.

The main advantage of fairy lights is that they are very flexible and can be used for indoor or outdoor purposes and that they are easy to install.

They can be used in different ways:


We all know what hanging polaroids are. It is even better when combined with fairy lights. A very simple and creative solution for every room. Make a zig-zag shape out of lights. Make sure that the space between the images is equal to make it visually attractive.


Fairy lights can be combined into various words. If you don’t know which word to form, you can’t go wrong with the following: love, joy, dream, magic, and happiness. You can see the pattern yourself – it is important that something is positive, but of course, there are no limits to creativity. People get inspired by this kind of lighting.


Creating different shapes from fairy lights is another option. A more detailed and complex shape requires more lights. You can try with, for example, a moon, a star, a heart, a cloud, or a Christmas tree (during Christmas, of course). You can also make something completely new and your own and show others how creative you are.

Neon lights

Neon lights or neon signs are a very practical solution that does not require too much effort in terms of installation and creativity. They can be in the form of various words and shapes.

It’s’ very easy – get the sign, place it on the wall, and plug it in and that’s it. Suddenly, the room gets an aesthetic and alternative vibe that it didn’t have before.

This is a great aesthetic LED solution for all those who like synthwave style and 80s in general. Of course, there are various colors and shapes. Choose them according to the theme of your room.

LED strip lights

Do you want your room to be both aesthetic and have not-so-direct lighting lighting? LED strip lights are the thing for you. You can put them in the corners of the room, behind the bed, desk, and table, or frame certain objects to give them a great glow (TV, monitor, mirror…). They’re our go-to lights for indirect lighting.

They are very adaptable, you can cut them exactly as much as you need for a particular purpose. Also, they are easy to install, plug-and-play, have no soldering, no wiring, and have no special tools. 

LED strip lights have a very long lifespan. Also, there’s no fire hazard involved with these lights, as they don’t produce any heat. And what’s more important, there are so many cool designs to choose from! You’ll be sure to find something you like, and will surely be inspired by their aesthetics. 

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Galaxy lights

If you’re looking for something special and unique that will turn your home into a place of wonder, then this is a perfect choice.

Galaxy lights will make your room sensational! If you don’t want to skimp on effects, get a star projector and you’ll be delighted. There are various combinations of colors, shapes and rotation speeds. On many of them, you can adjust the settings however you like. With so many options, it’s almost impossible to go wrong!

It has never been easier to have the sky under your own roof and in your own room. They are great for parties and hanging out with friends and will not leave anyone indifferent.

Some projectors also have audio effects, i.e. a Bluetooth speaker, which will add to the atmosphere. We mentioned them in our guide to cool lights for gaming room, feel free to check it out.

LED light bars

LED light bars are lighting fixtures that can be connected directly to your computer, tablet, phone, or any number of electronic devices.

Most LED light bars use an integrated wireless control system to turn lights on and off from anywhere in your house. The control system also allows you to change the color of the light to suit your personal taste. With over 10,000 colors to choose from, and more than 100 brightness levels to choose from, LED light bars make it possible to turn every room of your home into an aesthetic masterpiece!

If you are a fan of symmetry, we recommend you to take this type of lighting and position each bar at an equal distance from each edge of the monitor.

The light can be directed both towards the wall and towards you – whichever suits you. This type of lighting is common in gaming rooms and is very aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. It creates a special atmosphere and ambiance.

Ideas for baddie aesthetic rooms with LED Lights

Nowadays, you can create a great ambiance in a room very easily and on a very small budget. It’s really easy to create a good ambient that defines a baddie aesthetic room.

LED lights are practical, unique, and great for anyone who wants the room to “breathe differently”. This kind of arrangement aims to create a creative, pleasant, and inspiring environment that is not too conspicuous.

Here are a couple of ideas on how to get the perfect baddie aesthetic room using LED lights.

Best LED lights to make your room more aesthetic

Tenmiro – LED Strip Lights

Easy to install & use

Music sync

Widely used & affordable

Aesthetic rooms with LED lights are the thing, and here’s the classic decoration everyone will love.

Meet one of the best-selling models of LED strip lights – Tenmiro! 100 ft long LED lights that will make your room magical for any occasion, be it Christmas, birthday, Halloween, party, or even every day!

These lights have the feature of lighting up in rhythm with the music because they have a built-in sensor and microphone. It is very easy to use them via an application or a remote device. You can freely choose colors, choose between 25 work modes, and even design your own combinations of various colors. They’re very easy to install.

The only thing you have to pay attention to is to place them on a clean surface so that they stick well.

Star Projector, 3 in 1 Galaxy Light

3-in-1 functionality

10 nebula colors

Adjustable volume & brightness

This star projector will illuminate your room with a beautiful starry sky! It is multifunctional, which means that it is a projector, a Bluetooth speaker, and a white noise machine in itself.

You can adjust the sound volume and light intensity yourself, and it comes with a timer so that it can also turn off automatically after a certain time. What is a great feature is that you can also adjust the rotation speed, however you like. 10 nebula colors are here for you to make your room aesthetically appealing. This projector is both a great gift and a good conversation starter.

As for white noises, there are 5 prebuilt sounds: ocean wave, cricket, thunderstorm, running water, and fan.

Hexiher – Hexagon LED Wall Light

10 hexagons included

Extremely customizable

Easy to install & adjust

Do you want something a little more refined and customizable? Hexiher Smart Hexagon RGB LED wall light panels are the right thing for you. They come in the form of 10 hexagons that you can position and adjust as you wish.

Each hexagon contains 16 million colors and shades. You can control the lights through your mobile using the app. In this way, you can switch it on and off, change colors, and adjust the intensity of the light and the speed of changing the lights. Your room will turn into a wonderful visual experience. Like the LED strip lights mentioned above, these hexagons have the ability to sync with music because they have built-in sensors and a microphone.

They also have a timer and are very easy to set up. We recommend positioning these lights on the wall to create a cool shape and make your room aesthetically appealing.

Twinkle Star – Window Curtain String Light

8 different modes

Classic decoration

Extremely easy to use

With the LED window curtain string, you can give your windows, doors, or walls a new look. It doesn’t take too much effort or thinking, just place these lights, which are the ideal decoration for many occasions, including everyday life.

It’s very simple, just turn on the lights and everything works right away. Please note that it measures 6.6ft x 9.8ft. As for the settings themselves, there are 8 light modes: combination, sequence, flash, slow fade, twinkle, steady on, slogs, and in waves. A pretty easy to set up and cheap solution to make your room aesthetically pleasing.

Smart LED RGB Light Bars

Multiple scene modes

Music sync

3 different control methods

If you don’t like hanging things on the walls, like everything mentioned above, LED light bars are something you might like. Included in the package are 2 bars that have a bunch of different options!

First of all, they have over 16 million colors and 8 presets. The light effects can be synchronized with the music you are listening to because of the existing sensors in the light bars. For that, you have as many as 4 modes to choose from vivid, rhythm, strike, and vibrate. Great for karaoke nights, parties, and hanging out with friends in general. You can control the lights in 3 ways: by app, remote control, and manually. They are very light and practical.

It will breathe a special spirit into your room. In terms of elegance, with hexagon LED lights, these bars are surely leading the list of aesthetically pleasing LED lights.


What is the aesthetic bedroom?

An aesthetic bedroom needs to be eye-pleasing in the first place. In order to create an aesthetic bedroom, we need to combine a comfortable and cozy feel with a little bit of imagination.

It is crucial to determine what we want our home to look like, it is our home and our wishes. We need to decide what kind of home we want to have in our space before we start picking out furniture and decor. If we don’t know what we want our space to look like, we are setting ourselves up to fail. The bedroom is a place to unwind, relax, and recharge after a long day at work.

The bedroom’s aesthetic should reflect the personality of its owner, and the space should feel like home. If your bedroom is bland, the rest of the house will feel the same. For example, a warm wood accent wall could bring a sense of coziness, while a white paint color can make your room seem more clean and sterile. We suggest adding a sense of coziness and warmth to your bedroom.

With LED lights your room will gain warmth and character, making it an ideal place to relax.

The perfect example of an aesthetic bedroom is a space filled with comfy items, such as soft blankets, squishy pillows, and fluffy carpets. The right lights are also inevitable for this purpose, in fact, they are one of the key factors. LED strands or LED string lights are the ingredients you are looking for. This will add exactly that tone that you are missing to make your bedroom look as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

How do I make my room look aesthetic without spending money?

If you learn how to add some personality to your place, you will be able to decorate your room in a stylish way without breaking the bank. Before you start making some big changes in your room, be sure to plan them out properly and you won’t end up spending lots of money on decorating and making changes in the wrong places.

Most people need a little inspiration to start with when decorating their space.

Try some new colors

Sometimes the simplest way to give a room a fresh new look is just to throw in some new colors. Try experimenting with neutrals, whites, light and dark colors, and warm and cool tones to create a space you love. You can create an aesthetic look and feel that doesn’t cost you a fortune by having the right main items, such as furniture.

Make a focal point

Make sure your room has a focal point, whether that’s a piece of art or a focal piece of furniture such as a bed or a sofa. By creating an eye-catching focal point, you can draw attention away from a boring space. If you are willing to spend time and effort to make your room look like it’s been professionally styled, you can transform the look of your environment and your life.

Create a theme

Pick a style of decor, colors, and textures you like. You can even create a theme around a single color or pattern. You can do this even if your home is on a budget. And of course, it’s very easy to create aesthetic rooms with LED lights, they are the starting point and finishing touch to everything.

There are no hard-and-fast rules for decorating, just a ton of options for how to achieve the look you’re after.

What can I put in my room to make it aesthetic?

There are plenty of ways for creating visual appeal, but here we’ll focus on using your space in a strategic fashion.

The key to creating a visually appealing room is to make sure it’s not too busy.

Think about it like this: a room with a lot of stuff is distracting. If the room is cluttered with objects, the eye will be drawn to those things and away from the things that actually matter. This is a situation where the light will help you greatly. Play with the light in such a way that it highlights what you want to be in the foreground.

Also, how about some plants?

There’s a reason that houseplants are a popular choice for interior designers. Plants provide a sense of calm, which is helpful for people suffering from anxiety or depression. They can also provide a subtle scent that will help you unwind. 

You can even use lamp lights to make your room more visually pleasing.

How to make a soft aesthetic room?

In making a soft aesthetic room your design will look girly and feminine while still retaining a certain degree of sophistication.

Choose the main color

Pick the color that will be the base of everything and that will dominate the space. It is the color that everything else will build on. An example of colors with which you can achieve a soft aesthetic is the pastel version of light blue, pink, and yellow. Lavender will also work perfectly, as will light gray or even plain white, which exudes purity in itself. 

When choosing a color scheme, remember that light pastel colors tend to be softer, while darker ones are more casual.

Choose the right decorations

Be sure to decorate the room with string lights, candles, and plushy/fluffy items, since that’s an essence of a soft aesthetic.

Soft lighting can transform a space, and it can create an environment that is conducive to relaxation.

Final words

We came to the conclusion that aesthetic rooms with LED lights are easily achievable and that the patterns in creating such an aesthetic are quite easy to follow.

You don’t need a lot of money, just a lot of ideas and knowledge of what each element does and why you should use it. Use LED lights and other aesthetic features throughout your space to create a calming, beautiful, and relaxing environment. One thing is for sure; lighting can and should be used as a visual tool.

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